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Basic ideas for kitchen witchery

These are not recipes, but ideas - what meal could serve what purpose. They are simple, so you either should have your own recipes for them, or find them on the internet easy enough. 

Happy cooking!


  • chili (cayenne pepper, black pepper, chili - generally spicy things)
  • lemon-infused water (lemon is a repellant, and water is uncrossable for some entities)
  • sugarfree coffee with cinnamon (coffee and cinnamon are both banishing ingredients)
  • curry (cayenne pepper, black pepper, chili - generally spicy things)


  • caprese salad (basil, tomatoes)
  • margarita pizza (basil, tomatoes)
  • apple pie (apples)
  • corn-on-a-cob (corn)
  • mint tea (mint)
  • herb soup (rosemary, basil, mint, thyme, bay leaf…)


  • apple pie (apples)
  • golden milk (milk and turmeric)
  • elderflower tea (elderflower)
  • mint tea (mint)
  • onion syrup (onion and honey)
  • chamomile tea (chamomile)
  • lemon-infused water (lemon)
  • ginger tea (ginger)
  • nettle soup (nettle)
  • pumpkin soup (pumpkin)
  • pumpkin cookies or bread (pumpkin)
  • curry (turmeric, garlic, onion)


  • cinnamon rolls (cinnamon)
  • orange juice (orange)
  • chamomile tea (chamomile)
  • corn-on-a-cob (corn)
  • pineapple juice (pineapple)
  • poppyseed buns or bread (poppy)


  • orange juice (orange)
  • honeyed tea (honey)
  • mint tea (mint)
  • lemon-infused water (lemon)
  • vanilla-flavoured ice cream (vanilla)
  • sunflower seed buns or bread (sunflower)
  • sugar cookies (sugar)


  • lemon balm tea (lemon balm)
  • lavender-infused water (lavender)
  • cucumber-infused water (cucumber)
  • vanilla-flavoured ice cream (vanilla)


  • milk with honey (milk and honey)
  • apple pie (apple)
  • pumpkin soup (pumpkin)
  • pumpkin cookies or bread (pumpkin)
  • chocolate chip cookies (chocolate) 
  • sandwich - any (bread)
  • fried rice (rice)
  • curry (rice)
  • fries (potatoes)
Growing Pains

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Hello, everyone! I’ve decided to start writing again. This will be a three-part series as of right now so I hope you enjoy the first installment. 

A special shout out to @hcrrystvles for editing this, I love you bb.

dad!harry + teacher!harry

warnings: mentions death, nostalgia, fluff. loads of fluff.

word count: 3,648

summary: the one where Harry’s a school teacher who finds himself teaching the daughter of his first love

Every day that students walked into room 202, they were instantly greeted by the sweet smell of cinnamon buns and vanilla (an air freshener Harry always kept plugged into the wall when he first started working there because it smelt too much like wood). Fairy lights hung above the perimeter of the room, pictures students have drawn covered the wall behind the metallic desk which was covered in magnets. The whole classroom just felt warm. Stepping into Mr. Styles’ year 3 classroom felt like a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in years. It was a safe space for both little ones and teachers alike, no one ever left the room without a bright smile on their face. That was Harry’s specialty.

Harry had taken his job as a teacher very seriously as he took it upon himself to teach the younger generations the most valuable lessons. Not multiplication and cursive writing like the other teachers would say, but things like positivity, acceptance, and kindness. Harry took pride in knowing that when each and every one of his students left his classroom at the end of the year, they carried his teachings with them for the rest of their lives.

Tonight was back to school night and Harry felt himself getting a little nervous as he looked at the time. Parents could be brutal and all he wanted was to be on their good side. He had a feeling this year was about to be little easier though. This year the parents of his students were most likely his age and it brought a strange sense of comfort to him. He could tell because the kids were a lot more open minded and though he wouldn’t admit it, he had a few favorites. Like Harper. The little girl made him feel nostalgic in the strangest way. Maybe it was because she was quite witty for a 7-year-old or that she had an interest in joining his after school choir, but it was something else about her that he couldn’t quite put a finger on.

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  • Ravenclaw: star gazing into the night, torn up journals, thin tipped pens sharp enough to stab someone with, messy buns, vanilla and cinnamon wafting through the air, writing on their arms, silver rings
  • Slytherin: pin straight hair, mint leaves and roses, waking up at midnight and dawn alike, silky blankets, pristine books, fairy lights instead of Christmas ones, sweetened coffee drinks
  • Hufflepuff: drawing and painting on the walls, the summer sun, curls falling into their faces, thick knit sweaters, bicycles, flowery and citrus perfume, pillows on the floor, organized notes from class
  • Gryffindor: wild braids, unbuttoned flannel shirts, tea cups filled to the brim, burning wood, swimming at sunset, skipping, hipster glasses creating ridges in their noses, pastries in fancy boxes

giant 3 lb. cinnamon rolls at lulu’s cafe + bakery


I have a thought about Newt sharing an office with Percival because when he accepted the offer to work in MACUSA, the Resource Dept’s intern didn’t process Picquery’s request to make a space for Newt’s office in the building on time so now Newt has to wait three month before he gets his own space.

Which is fine with Newt honestly because he doesn’t need a room per say, because he can always work from inside his suitcase but Picquery is all about protocol and appearance.

“Really, Mr. Scamander. I won’t allow my employee to tuck his suitcase in the broom closet. We have class. We need to stick to it. You’re the Director of Magical Creatures and Beasts Protection after all.”

The only space that is wide enough to fit a new desk for Newt is in Percival’s office because Newt has politely declined the Madam President’s offer to temporarily room with her.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re too… intimidating. I don’t think I can’t work well with you always around.”

So now Newt is sharing an office with Percival who looks so put out by this. His office is his sanctuary. A sane place for him to unwind and hide from the idiotic crowd when it gets too overwhelming.

And having Newt and his suitcase have made Percival feeling too overwhelmed nowadays esp. when he comes back to the office after a long meeting with the dunderheads of the higher ups to see his cushy leather chair to be occupied by a sleeping Occamy and that the Swooping Evil is lazily hanging upside down from the ceiling lamp, flapping its wings in greeting.

The Niffler keeps stealing Percival’s silver pen and scorpion pins that Newt is sure sooner or later the blasted thief would be imprisoned.

Newt loses count on how many times Percival keeps threatening the Niffler but it occurs on daily basis; sometimes thrice in a day and it honestly makes Newt feel guilty. It’s one thing to encroach the man’s turf, it’s another to not being able to corral his creatures into the suitcase without something breaking or missing.

Still, Percival never once yell at him. He always looks at Newt with narrowed eyes and giving back his creatures by the scruff with an annoyed huff before stalking to his desk and pick up a report.

It’s a small mercy but Newt appreciates it very much because this Percival is considerate and kind. Not unlike Grindelwald.

To make it up to Percival, Newt starts to bring him coffee for breakfast; black with lotsa sugar. There’s a always sweet, sticky bun with vanilla cream in the middle for him too. If he goes out on an assignment, he would make sure to bring back Jacob’s Occamy raisin bun with more coffee.

Percival accepts the food with mild suspicion but he eats them all with gusto; looking like he actually forgets what real food taste like with each chew and swallow.

It’s not bribe per say; it’s more of “I’m sorry for invading your space like this and thank you for always being so kind to me and my creatures even when we are menaces” apology gift.

So Newt keeps bringing Percival breakfast and lunch too if he has the time because it feels good to look at the eager smile on the man’s face when Newt opens the door with coffee and buns on his hands. It feels good to hear the man make small pleased noise of satisfaction when he takes the first sip of coffee.

It just feels good to take care of Percival Graves if Newt is being honest to himself.

So he does more; asking Percival what’s wrong when the man looks like he’s sulking after a meeting. He listens to Percival’s complaining about the utter cockshit of the current MACUSA’s bureaucracy even when he doesn’t understand half of the law. There are time that he charms the door to lock when Percival gets all quiet and solemn while reading a case file; Newt always goes inside his suitcase to brew Percival a cup of herbal tea to soothe his nerves. Percival always accepts it with a small tired smile and a husky thank you.

Newt even manages to make the man to go home early instead of holing up in the room until late at night.

The creatures still roam the office but Percival seems to accept their existence now; he actually utilises the creatures to his own benefit to chase of any snobbish ministers or department heads from his office.

Newt has to step out from their shared office one time to let out a bellowing laugh when he sees Percival wearing the Occamy around his neck while talking to the New York Ghost press.

There’s also that thing when Newt quietly slips into the office to take a document only to pause halfway inside when he sees Percival rubbing the Niffler’s chin with fondness while she sleepily blinks her eyes at him.

It gets progressively easier as days go by; sharing an office with Percival doesn’t make Newt nervous anymore. In fact he looks forward of being in MACUSA just so he could meet the man and watch him do his duties. They have breakfast together, discuss the new bill on magical creatures and exchanging opinions and debating on some matters. Pickett is fond of the man too by the way he always hangs out on Percival’s shoulder now; chittering excitedly whenever Percival pays attention to him.

Then Newt invites Percival to come into his suitcase. The man hesitates at first but something like eagerness must have shown on Newt’s face because Percival agrees in the end; grumbling the whole way about how narrow and dangerous the stairs are. But when he gets into the open space, he gets quiet; taking everything in with big eyes and bushy eyebrows raising high.


That’s the word that Percival utters quietly, so reverently when he looks at the creatures roaming around freely.

Something in Newt warms up so rapidly that his face is flushed in pleased excitement.

After the visit, Percival sometimes steps inside the suitcase on his own just to pet the mooncalves who in turn adore the man so much.

Newt think he’s probably half in love with the man now but he does nothing about it; pines in silence and feels happy from just being around Percival.

When the three month is up and Resource has cleared Picquery’s request, Newt moves into his swanky new office. It’s small compared to Percival’s but it somehow looks spacious. Empty without another presence being with him in that office.

So Newt settles in his own office; there’s a small potted plant on the windowsill that Percival gave to him as a office warming gift. Newt cares for it like he cares for Percival with patient and kindness and a whole lot of water and sunshine.

Which makes Newt wonder if Percival has had his breakfast or not yet. Or if he’s in need of someone to listen to his complaining. Or if he feels lonely, like Newt feels lonely.

It’s an absurd thought. Surely Percival feels glad to rid of him and have his office back to himself.

But then one day when Newt is busy scribbling his notes on the pregnant Graphorn, there’s a knock on his door and when the door swings open, Percival steps in.

Newt notices that he’s holding two steaming cups in both hands and behind him, there are floating buns too.

“Thought you might want to have breakfast with me,” Percival says, a bit nervous from the squeaky sound of his voice.

And Newt grins so wide that he feels like his face is splitting apart because this might not mean anything but Percival is here now in his office, bringing him tea and Niffler bun with peaches in the middle just so they could have breakfast together like they used to.

It might not mean anything, but it is something. And something is better than nothing after all.

I was following the pack, all swallowed in their coats
With scarves of red tied 'round their throats
To keep their little heads from falling in the snow ✰

aroma ~

☾ aries: cotton candy and baby oil
☾ taurus: cinnamon buns and vanilla
☾ gemini: passionfruit and bubbly champagne
☾ cancer: milk and honey
☾ leo: marshmallow birthday cake
☾ virgo: peppermint and fresh linen
☾ libra: peaches and cream
☾ scorpio: vampire blood incense
☾ sagittarius: summer fruits and coconut
☾ capricorn: frosted vanilla cream
☾ aquarius: lime sorbet and pineapple
☾ pisces: sea salt spray and lemonade

french-vanillas  asked:

harvest, spice, and maize 😊

harvest - what fictional character do you most identify with? Why? Hm… Probably either Magneto (Marvel Comics) or Richard Castle (Castle). Magneto because he’s just… he’s proud of who he is and where he comes from. And Castle because he has the most outlandish theories and that’s basically me

spice - have you ever encountered a house that you believed to be haunted? Not a house, but I did go onto a battleship when I was a Boy Scout that I thought might be haunted. And then I saw the damn thing…

maize - share the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a stranger on the street. Hmm… Not really on the street, but I once ran into an old Black man and old Chinese man debating Kabbalah on the 6 train in NYC