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Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new pastel rainbowcy! I’m attempting to do this for the second time because the first time I tried, it was so much fun and I really want to try and finish it this time around :3 This challenge was created by @berrysweetboutique and I will be following her rules~


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Spencer was a man of science who believed nothing could amaze him. Because for one to be amazed, they do not understand the meaning behind the feat. Which is why he never ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ at fireworks, appreciated the beauty of flowers or gazed at wonder at the stars.

He knew how they worked, what made them beautiful. It made enjoying things difficult, which frustrated Y/n.

Y/n loved nature, she saw beauty in everything from the common garden rose to the magic tricks that Spencer entertained her with on her bad days. As an adult she still was amazed by the animals in the zoo and how polar could look so adorable but could kill so viciously, how sunflowers could stretch so tall and bold and look so beautiful and never seem to die. She was always amazed, and he rarely ever was.

An unlikely yet perfect pair.

It was Y/n’s goal in life to amaze him, to leave him speechless. She had once, on their first date. They’d gotten back from a viewing of the Cursed Child and he’d been trying to tell her that there was in fact no magic used in the production but special effects. He’d started explaining how every single thing had happened, frustrated and amused by his insistence to prove his point she’d grabbed the sides of his face and kissed him. After a minute, she pulled back and sighed against his lips.

“Sometimes, you have to just let things be. Sometimes you don’t have to understand it, you just let it sink in and appreciate it’s beauty.”

She then grabbed his hand and dragged him into a nearby diner and ordered milkshakes and they continued to steal vanilla and cherry laced kisses while Spencer let her gush about the magic of the whole event.

Yet despite her little words of wisdom he was still persistent to debunk every idea of beauty there was.

Mildly annoyed and irritated Y/n came up with a plan.

It was towards the end of March and Hotch has given everyone a week off. Before he could contradict his statement or they received a call, every single person in the team ran towards the elevators shouting their ‘goodbyes’.

As they stumbled out of the building, they skidded to a halt. In front of them was a taxi cab and Y/n leaning on the door.

“Hey sweetie, what are you…”

“Get in the car” she ordered, opening the door.

“Um..why?” Spence asked walking towards her.

“We’re going to Japan” she grinned shoving him in.


“I payed for the tickets” she grinned, waving goodbye to his amused colleagues.

“But I haven’t packed..”

“Got that covered” she grinned, knocking on the partition signalling the driver to go.

“I assume we are going directly to the airport” he sighed.

“You assume correctly”.

He rolled his eyes and smiled, hearing her ramble about all the things they were going to do.

After a long plane ride of films, word association games and sneakily drinking the free champagne they landed and it was a whirlwind of fun. Y/n , who had a friend in the city had her take them around to all the major sites: Himeji Castle, Tokyo Tower, Itsukushima. Spencer was forced to drag her away from all the shops that they passed because he was certain that she would spend a fortune if he let her loose.

But Y/n was still frustrated, despite seeing this beautiful country Spencer still hadn’t been awestruck once. Well unless you count the time when she’d tried on a kimono but that didn’t really count.

This was her last straw.

It was their last day in Japan and since they’d covered as many sites as they could they’d decided to just spend the day roaming around the city. Spence had gotten dressed in jeans, which in itself was a rare occurrence. After about an hour of shopping Y/nn dragged him to a corner of the street.

“Close your eyes” she ordered.

“What?” Spencer asked.

“Just do it”.

Obediently Spencer did so and she tied a blindfold over his eyes. “Okay now just follow me” she said. She lead him through the streets, ignoring the strange looks that the people around her were giving. Finally she skidded to a halt causing Reid to bump into her.

“Ow what the..”

“Shh now take off your blindfold. “ she ordered.

He did and he let the cloth fall onto the ground and he stood there. Dumbstruck.

He was stood in a park of sorts, surrounded by cherry blossoms. Thousands and thousands of cherry blossoms as far as the eye could see. The only other thing around them was a short wood table.


“It’s called Hanami,  cherry blossom festival. It literally means flower see. Peple go to parks in the area and just sit and observe the flowers. I snuck out last night and found this spot, I got chased by a dog but hey it was worth it” she grinned, jumping up and down excitedly.

Spencer stood there, looking around him in shock. He hadn’t said a single word in 2 mintues, a personal record.

“It’s so peaceful” he whispered, stroking the trunk of one of the trees.

“Aren’t you going to tell me how this is totally normal and no that special” she teased.

He smiled softly and looked at her  “I’d prefer to let it sink in and enjoy the beauty”.

And there they sat, appreciating the beauty of the flowers, drinking sake and eating dango while soft blossoms fell across their cheeks.

Leaving them both awestruck.

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Inked (reader x Steve)

Hey, look! An actual one-shot that STAYED a one-shot. A miracle. This idea came to me like a bolt of lightning last night and I had to put it out there. Let me know what you think! 

And yes I’m still working on the next parts of Accidents Happen AND It Will Always End This Way. Plus a request. And another possible series. Eep! Please be patient with me! I just had to get this drabble done and out of my system. :) 



Inked (reader x Steve)

Characters: reader, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Sam.

Summary: Reader is in her 20s and an Avenger with a bit of a wild streak. Her relationship with Steve is strictly professional until she makes a surprising discovery on a mission. Events occur about a year after CA:TWS. 

Warnings: tattoos, mentions of death, mild violence, sexy fluff. :)

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(author’s note: gif is not a representative of any tattoos mentioned. I just thought it was cool. :) )

The Quinjet was making its descent as you stood and steadied your self against the cool metal walls, weapons secure on your back. Steve stepped up next to you, slipping on his helmet and securing the strap under his chin.

 “Could you hand me my shield, Y/N?”

“Sure, Cap,” you replied, grabbing the red, white, and blue shield that was leaning against the seats to your left and passed it to the man on your right.

“Thanks. You ready?” 

“I was born ready,” you said confidently. 

He smirked, “Yeah, well, let’s not get cocky.”

You pulled your face into a serious expression. “Sir, yes sir!” you mocked with a salute.

He gave a small chuckle, shaking his head. As he turned his attention to Sam on his other side, you took advantage of his distraction as you gave him a good once-over. Man, he really was extremely attractive. That chiseled jaw below piercing blue eyes, broader shoulders than any man should be allowed to have that then narrowed down his torso to an impossibly narrow waist. Impressive thighs, though. You were a sucker for good thighs. Under that kevlar uniform you knew there were also some exquisite abs and pecs to die for, thanks to the outdoor pool at Avengers Tower where the team hung out regularly. Bless Tony Stark for giving you the opportunity to see Steve Rogers shirtless. Hallelujah!

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A Bughead Drabble

Slight warnings again: Smut again because I’m trying to get some practice in. Also, this is for Mother’s Day, this is a warning because I don’t know. Bughead in a parenting situation. Don’t read if you hate parents! lol

I can feel it in the back of my throat.

I feel the numbness in my veins.

The quiet-loud running through the room, barely moving.

We were barely moving, I can feel it in my skin.

Crawling and eating at me.

Yelling in my face, quick flicks of a fist against my cheeks.

A tingle in my hands, fingertips.

She was calling-clawing at me.

I want her too. I want to call back, smooth over her.

Just one touch will quit the spinning of my head and I could whisper in her ear, every thing I could do to her, right here, right now in our bed. Against the natural wood floors and hands locking wrists above us.

I needed chaos and loud screaming, scratching of her nails along me, nails trying to dig into the wood. I needed fervour as she repeated my name, over and over and over again. So many times it might feel like my name didn’t belong to me – foreign.


I wanted an escape.

Worry creeps up my back; she has her fingers dancing on my neck, I want to ease into Worry’s touch but I can’t. Worry had been a little quieter than usual this week. Worry had forgotten to eat a couple of meals. Worry smiled briefly at the flowers blooming at the front of our house. Worry tried hard with the kids homework but forgot how to spell ‘simplicity’.

I pull in the air cautiously through my teeth and the vanilla tastes sweet on my tongue. She had taken to wearing lily scented body spray that barely disguised her. She was all vanilla-candy and deep etched frowns this week. She was wearing it well, she often did. My nose hurts a little with the vanilla laced oxygen that makes it feel similar to fire inside of me. I smell like wet trees and dirt.

I focus on the breathing and the fire inside; I let Worry’s fingers keep dancing on my neck and then down across my bare shoulders, I feel her hips knock my backside, over and over again. I inhale, exhale, I let her take the lead. She needs this; I need this. I think I need it more than the oxygen filled with candy.

It’s glowing blue and purple with a little red before dawn. The air feels slick and frosty and smells a  little bit like damp leaves – morning dew.

That was what she was at the moment, all morning dew and a little damp.

I breathe in again, slower, steadier, with more purpose, I feel I could drift off in the comfort of these clinically white sheets and feathered pillows that were so light, just like her touch against my skin as she trails down my spine, nails dancing.

She brings on the thunder, the lightening, the summer sun and almost-morning light. If I were any more stupid, I would believe she created the warmth of laughter and the feeling of acceptance.

I feel the bed shift quickly and before I know it, she’s pushing on my right shoulder, forcing me to move on to my back, she hovers over me.

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[n. a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling.]

genre: a little angst but fluff to make up for that 0.001% of it 

word count: 1.37K +

summary: For once, you don’t really want to punch Jungkook. based on (x). 

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You stand there sniffling, with puffy eyes and hands stuffed in the pocket of your hoodie as you wait for Jimin to answer the door.

It takes an eternity before it opens, and when it does, it isn’t even Jimin. Jungkook stands there looking down at you with wide eyes, one hand holding on the door handle and the other on the toothbrush stuck in his mouth. Puffy, red eyes from all the crying wouldn’t stop you from rolling them at him, but for once he wasn’t the last person you wanted to see, so you squeeze through the doorway past him and go plop on the couch. 

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quiet brilliance

Fandom: Little Witch Academia
Pairing: Dianakko/Diakko (Diana/Akko)
Words: 946
Summary: In which Akko and Diana go stargazing
Links: FF is here! AO3 is here!

knock knock, lwa fandom, im here! here’s my submission for dianakko/diakkoweek ( @dianakko-week ) day 1: stars/astrology. please enjoy!

Akko noticed that whenever Diana couldn’t sleep, she would always sit on the edge of the take-off bridge, her legs dangling.

It was during those times, Akko realized, that Diana looked different than she usually carried herself. Perhaps it was because of the faint moonlight draping over her, but Diana looked much softer, as if the light was enough to melt cold armor she usually wore. Her eyes shimmered like pools of water as she craned her neck up to look at the night sky. The silver halo of light that never failed to frame her in that angle made her look otherworldly, as if she were an angel plucked from the sky.

Seeing Diana like this never failed to make Akko smile to herself—the star child of Luna Nova always shined brightest when she was with her peers.

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Chantilly Lace: A few days…

Vanilla: Well it ends now.

Chantilly Lace: No.

Vanilla: Don’t argue with me. You know the rules and you will obey them or suffer the consequences.

Chantilly Lace: What else can you possibly do to me? I’m already a prisoner.

Vanilla: I’m not talking about you.

Chantilly Lace: Huh?

Vanilla: End it, or I will.

The signs as Yankee Candles
  • Aries: Fireside Treats, Early Sunrise, Storm Watch, Bright Summer Sky, Red Hots, Camping Out
  • Taurus: Chocolate Truffle, Soft Blanket, Maple Pancakes, Cozy By the Fire, Mountain Lodge, Afternoon Picnic
  • Gemini: Mango and Peach Salsa, Pink Dragonfruit, Bath Bubbles, Margarita Time, Ocean Winds, Treehouse Memories
  • Cancer: Home Sweet Home, Honey Glow, Pain Au Raisin, Apple Pie, Kitchen Spice
  • Leo: Kilimanjaro Stars, Island Spa, Sparkling Lemon, A Royal Wedding, Amber Glow, Gold Dust
  • Virgo: Clean Cotton, Fresh Mint, Spring Days, Cottage Breeze, Silvery Moon, White Linen & Lace
  • Libra: Angel Wings, Shimmering Champagne, Fresh Cut Roses, Queen Anne's Lace, Vanilla Satin, Pink Lady Slippers
  • Scorpio: Black Cherry, Ginger Dusk, Spiked Orange, Black Satin, After Dark, Suede Noir
  • Sagittarius: Midsummer's Night, Pineapple Cilantro, Turquoise Sky, Autumn Festival, Ginger Snaps, Open Air
  • Capricorn: Cinnamon Stick, Sicilian Lemon, Peppermint Bark, Frosty Air, Arctic Glacier
  • Aquarius: Moonlight, Drift Away, Sparkling Snow, Alaskan Lights, Magical Frosted Forest, Wild Sea Grass
  • Pisces: A Child's Wish, Fluffy Towels, My Serenity, Pink Sands, Cinnamon Roll, Fairy Garden, Rainbow's End

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So Idk if you know about Lush (look them up if you don't). They have this vanilla lip balm that if someone kisses you they taste that. Maybe a one shot with Reid kissing is girlfriend and can't get enough of the sweet taste? Pretty please!

Haha, I can do this one!  It won’t be too long, but I can make it cute.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Spencer was intoxicating.  I didn’t matter that the two of you had been together for 5 months already…every time you looked at him, your body weakened.

It was killing you that he hadn’t made a move yet.

Sure, he had kissed you.  Nice and light.  But…

You longed for something more.

You had always been awful with words.  You weren’t someone who showed your affection by language or presents.

You did it with actions…with touches…

With kisses.

Walking out of your room, your hair still damp from your shower, you take out your lip balm and smother it over your chapped lips.

Looking over at Spencer, he eyes you curiously from over the edge of his book.

“Is that my shirt?” he asks.

“Yep,” you say, popping the “p” as you playfully shake your butt at him.

“My dress shirt?” he enunciates, setting his book down on the side table.

“Yep, yep…” you trail off.

Hearing him rustle, you turn around as you see him walking towards you, his eyes holding yours as he stops in front of you, his hand slowly meandering its way to your waist.

“It fits you well,” he says, smiling down on you as you careen your neck back.

You loved how tall he was.

Watching him sniff the air, his brow furrows lightly as he takes a deeper sniff.

“Did you change your body wash?” he asks.

“No…?” you question, cocking your head, “What are you smelling?”

“I smell…”

Sniff sniff.


Grinning lightly, you raise your hand to run your fingers through his hair.

“Want a taste?” you ask playfully as you pucker your lips.

Watching as his eyebrows raise in surprise, he dips his face towards yours as your lips connect, the light kiss that you were used to growing ever so slowly deeper as your body revels in the new territory.

You could feel your hands trembling.

“Mmmmm…” you hear him moan in to your kiss.

Feeling him pull back, his eyes half-hooded as he licks his lips, he chuckles and shakes his head as he says, “Even tastes like vanilla.”

“Yep,” you say again.

“Is that all you can say?” he playfully asks, his hands pressed against your back as he pulls you closer.

“Nope,” you say, shaking your head as you chuckle lightly.

Bringing your hand from his hair, you take your lip balm out of your pocket and make a sultry show of rubbing some more on your lips.

“Care for another course?” you ask, popping the top back on and placing it back in the breast pocket of his shirt you were wearing.

“Don’t mind if I do,” he smirks, dipping back down hungrily as he smashes his lips in to yours, his tongue running over your lips as he finds your tongue, dancing with it as he playfully nibbles on your lower lip.

You felt your knees ready to give way.

“Ooh…” you groan in to his lips, feeling him smile against you.

And then, an idea struck you.

Putting your hands on his chest as you hear him whimper, he rears back lightly as you reach for your lip balm again, rubbing yet another coat on your lips.

But then, slowly, you catch his gaze as you begin to drag the balm across to your cheek, pressing it hard to your skin as you trail it down the side of your neck, finishing as you draw an “X” in the middle of your chest as you unbutton a few more buttons on his shirt, your bare breasts teasing him as the trail of lip balm down your body glistens against your red hot skin.

Watching him as he raises his eyebrows in surprise, you eye him with a lustful stare as you cock your head lightly.

“Not too full for dessert, are you?” you ask.

And as Spencer attaches his lips to your neck, sucking in your delicate skin as he sucks away at the vanilla lip balm, your knees cave from underneath you as he catches you with his arms, your body trembling as he licks up and down your neck, kissing your cheek and nibbling at your skin, wanting to lap up every ounce of the enticing vanilla taste.

Feeling your breath hitch over and over again, Spencer starts backing you in to the room, your head dipping back as his lips find the middle of your chest, his tongue exploring as your fingers entwine with his hair.

“I love you,” you breathe, your voice helpless as your eyes fly open.

Feeling Spencer’s head shoot up, you bend your chin to your neck as you catch his surprised gaze.

“Y-Y-you…you what?” he stammers.

As he rears up, sitting on the bed with you as he holds your hands, you swallow hard as you dip your gaze to his chest.

“I love you, Spencer,” you say again.

Feeling his eyes search your body, he tilts your chin up to meet his gaze, a smile spreading across his cheeks as he places a light kiss on your vanilla-laced lips.

“That’s what I thought you said,” he whispers as he slowly lowers you on to the bed, his body following as you wrap your arms around his neck.

“I love you so much,” you barely whisper, feeling his body slowly lower on to yours as he brushes a stray hair off of your forehead.

“And I love you,” he says lowly, his eyes growling for you as his hands slowly slip his dress shirt off the sides of your body.

And as his fingers find the breast pocket of that shirt, taking out the lip balm and popping off the top, he slowly presses it to your skin as he trails a line from the middle of your chest all the way down to the hemline of your panties, your eyes widening as you watch his gaze darken.

“That’s more like it,” he murmurs.


“Imagine: Noah walks in on you and Audrey making out, unaware you were in a relationship.”

Inspired by Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande 

warnings: kissing? that’s about it

[I do not own the gif above]


Her hands were practically melded to your back, her palms pressed tight against your skin and her filed nails just slightly puncturing the sensitive area with half-moons. You couldn’t complain because Audrey had a knack for creating the absolute perfect balance between pleasure and pain, even if it was in the way she bit your lip before peppering kisses across your jaw. 

She was focused on her tongue, swirling with yours ever so gently and taste of her vanilla chapstick laced throughout your mouth. Everything about Audrey was warm and soft, her slight curves were always your favourite thing to hold while kissing her. She was sitting on the leather couch in your room, leaning back while you sat in her lap with your legs wrapped tightly around her waist.

Your hands moved to her hair, gliding your fingers through dark tuffs of hair, twisting and pulling. She moaned into your mouth and her nails dug deeper into your skin.

The girls in gym class were beginning to wonder if your cat had finger nails or if the culprit was a cat at all.

Audrey was like a cat though, so your cover up lie wasn’t too far off. She slept half on top of you, stole the pillow and clawed at your skin affectionately. Every time she moaned it sounded distinctly like a purr. She was also curious to a fault, suspicious of everything and everyone. Some days you spent minutes trying to convince her that people weren’t staring out of hatred. 

Which was exactly why nobody knew about your relationship. You weren’t willing to push her over the edge yet and you wanted her to be ready when people found it.

Audrey’s hands ran down your back and to your thighs, running up the exposed skin and rubbing in a circular motion. Your pyjama shorts were bunched up around your upper thighs and couldn’t possibly go up any further. Her fingers teased the inside of your legs, just under the bunched hem of your shorts. 

Nobody was home and it had been forever since the two of you were alone together. In fact, you couldn’t remember the last time you had felt her fingers–

“What the actual gosh damn fuc–” You were interrupted by Noah’s words, which were interrupted by Audrey’s loud yell. 

Your girlfriend’s wide eyes and stunned expression was almost comical, but you knew how badly the situation could turn out so you kept your lips pressed together tightly. You swung your leg from out behind Audrey and leaned back into the couch, sitting pressed tightly next to her. 

Noah stared in part horror and part confusion, obviously having not expected that when coming to your house that morning. In all fairness, he was quite oblivious, even to his best friend’s private relationship. The both of you had agreed to tell him if he ever happened to ask, but until that morning, he was innocently unaware. 

“Noah, I can’t believe you just walked in here without knocking,” Audrey said with a quivering voice that was almost endearing if not amusing. 

Noah scoffed, the shock still written across his face even in his moment of annoyance. “How was I supposed to know that you were going to be all hand-sy with our best friend?” 

And then the not so playful banter began… 

“What? I’m not allowed to have some things just to myself now? I don’t ask details about your relationships!”

Noah crossed his arms and began shouting like a defensive child. “I’m not the one kissing our best friend. I can’t believe you were just kissing her without paying any mind to the fact that she is my friend too! Is this what friends do now? Do I get to feel up her leg too, huh?”

You shifted uncomfortably and Audrey grabbed your hand, hold it tightly. Whether or not it was for support or to claim ownership over you, you weren’t exactly sure. Maybe it was time for you to step in… 

“Noah, if you ever fucking touch my leg like that I’m going to slap you. And second of all, we planned on telling you but sometimes it’s nice to just have something to yourself until you know it’s the right time to tell people.” 

Noah closed his mouth and seemed to be at a loss for words. He wasn’t very good at comebacks. Though he had been your best friend since the beginning of high school, along with Audrey, you still didn’t quite understand the kid sometimes. 

“What she said. Listen to Y/N,” Audrey added proudly. 

“I guess this isn’t the end of the world, I always thought you guys were harbouring some sexual tension. I didn’t think I’d ever have to see it in action though…” Noah flopped down on the couch beside you and you wound up in a sandwich between your girlfriend and your best friend. 

It should have been uncomfortable, but it was almost nice that Noah finally knew.  “So, you’ll forgive us?” you asked tentatively, grabbing his hand as well. 

He gave your hand a small squeeze and sighed, obviously still the slightest bit scarred from what he had witnessed. “As long as you give me notice when you two are going to do that. And I am not a third wheel by the way,” he said seriously, giving you a slightly dark side eye look. 

You grinned and glanced back at Audrey who was just slightly traumatized as well, deciding that everything would be okay between the three of you. 

“So… Anyone up for a movie?” Audrey and Noah sighed at the same and nodded. 

Everything would be okay.