hello there! i love instrumental music so i thought i’d make a compilation of some piano playlists! have some snazzy fun ♥︎

classical period

baroque period

romantic period

20th century


here it is! hope ya’ll like it! if you have any suggestions/ feedback do send them my way!! happy studying!


List of composers I found on YouTube

Feel free to add to the list! 

(B means Baroque era, C means Classical era, and R means Romantic era)

  • Pietro Locatelli [B]
  • Georg Philipp Telemann [B]
  • Carl Stamitz [C]
  • Johann Stamitz [C]
  • Karl Joseph Toeschi [C]
  • Johann Baptist Vanhal [C]
  • Giovanni Punto [C]
  • Giuseppe Ferlendis [C]
  • Luigi Rudolfo Boccherini [C]
  • František Kramář-Krommer [C]
  • Michael Haydn [C]
  • Ignaz Pleyel [C]
  • Franz Ignaz Beck [C]
  • Peter von Winter [C]
  • F. X. Pokorný [C]
  • Giuseppe Martucci [C]
  • Johann Baptist Cramer [C]
  • Johann Schobert [C]
  • Christian Cannabich [C]
  • František Xaver Brixi [C]
  • František Xaver Richter [C]
  • Johann Nepomuk Hummel [C/R]
  • Ferdinando Paër [C/R]
  • Vojtěch Jírovec [C/R]
  • Friedrich Kuhlau [C/R]
  • Friedrich Dionys Weber [C/R]
  • Johann Georg Feldmayer [C/R]
  • Bernhard Henrik Crusell [C/R]
  • Franz Paul Lachner [R]
  • Franz Doppler [R]
  • August Ritter [R]
  • Johann Ludwig Böhner [R]
  • Friedrich Kalkbrenner [R]
  • Adolf von Henselt [R]
  • Oskar Böhme [R]
  • Franz von Suppé [R]
  • Amilcare Ponchielli [R]
  • Carl Reinecke [R]
  • Józef Władysław Krogulski [R]
  • Sigismond Thalberg [R]
  • Xaver Scharwenka [R]
  • Ernst Mielck [R] 
  • Emilie Mayer [R]

vahnce  asked:

“Do you come here often?” (probably teasing him honestly)

He wouldn’t have mistaken that voice for anyone else. A smile spread across his face as he turned to face her, attempting to look at least a little suave and polished - although the more or less permanent scruff didn’t really help there - and replied, “Just when I think I might run into someone special.”

näin yks yö unta missä olin ala-asteel missä olin skidinä keksikesteil. sit hetken päästä sinne tuli sauli niinistö ja päivi räsänen. huusin kovaa: “PÄIVILLÄ EI OO MITÄÄN ASIAA TÄNNE EIKÄ SE SAA KEKSEJÄ!!!” sit se vaa: “eikä! tämä ei oo reilua! kielletään kaikki keksit!” niinistö oli mun kaa aivan samaa mieltä, löi nuijalla pöytään ja sanoi: “päiville ei keksejä.”

Dear Fans of Over Fathoms Deep,

Please please do yourselves a favor and go read conversationswithbenedict’s latest piece of comedy genius in her collection of Johnlock ficlets. This one features OFD Sherlock’s letter to the publishers of the At-Sea Correspondence Course requesting materials on learning how to snog John senseless. I can’t begin to convey to you how funny it is. You have to read it for yourself.

If I may post the tiniest excerpt:


Given and family names: William Sherlock Scott Holmes

Preferred name: Sherlock

Age: 18

Occupation: Youngest son of landed gentry cast off by his uncaring, horrible, cruel family, especially Mycroft.

If you were an animal, what species of animal would you be?

What? No.

What is your favorite colour?


What are your career aspirations?

Please see definition of landed gentry

Naturally predisposed talents:

Deductive reasoning based in the strictest adherence to scientific methods, and focusing on logic and the powers of observation.

Talents specific to your occupation/education/vocational training:

Violin: Bach, Kraus, Dittersdorf, Hofmann, Vanhal, etc. and more recently some jaunty little shanty tunes.
I excel in most mathematics; all chemistry; and, am more than proficient in phrenology, botany, geology, and anatomy.
Practical knowledge of British Law
Currently learning to box

Describe your physical attributes, paying special attention to your genitalia:

What?? Why? I am above average in height, below average in weight, pale in complexion (John says I look like moonlight!), with dark, curly hair (on my head, as well as down below). I am told I have a corpulent … area of the buttocks. At least, that’s what John says. No one else has seen my buttocks. Regarding my genitalia, I truly do not understand why you would either seek or require this information. However, if you must have it, I suggest you deduce it from the information I have already given you, especially as it relates to the description of my height. Uncircumcised. Silky smooth. Currently erect.

Do you suffer any illness, handicap, or physical deformity:

I suffer constantly from the idiocy of those around me, as their mental deficiencies are enough to bring on severe bouts of nausea and headaches. Other than that, I am in fine health. I am not very much into sport, but John is teaching me to box, and our nocturnal activities have been of tremendous benefit to both my strength, endurance, and respiration.

To which faith and philosophies do you subscribe:

I believe in John Hamish Watson. There is nothing he cannot do. He should be canonized.


Mixed Stuff; I sketched some of these during the breakdown of my laptop u A u Tried to create a few new characters, especially focusing on members of Vanhalls family such as his siblings : >

I want him to have a big family with lots of sisters and brothers. I think all of them have a very strong relationship towards each other, sticking together no matter what. |D

There May Be Trouble Ahead - William/Emmeline, closed

With tensions increasing and the death toll beginning to rise, it became more important than ever for the Order to mount a watch on their wanted targets - those they suspected most strongly of being Death Eaters. But it was geting harder; more than one such watch recently had been spotted and ambushed, resulting in some nasty injuries. Nobody was quite sure how it kept happening. The best course of action would have been to put the older, more experienced members on the stakeouts - but they had other tasks to deal with, and while Dumbledore and Moody tried to spread the workload out so nobody took on too much, it just couldn’t be helped… everyone was tired.

Still, if it had to be their younger people going out to stalk Death Eaters, it might as well be the ones who were training for that kind of work anyway. That was why, late at night as autumn drew in, two young Aurors were crouched in the shadow of ornamental trees outside the home of Thorfinn Rowle, who’d been a suspect for a little while now but had yet to present them with any hard evidence.

William tugged his cloak a little tighter around himself, shivering in the chilly autumn air, and gave his companion a brief smile. “Next time I come on one of these I’m wrangling that heating Charm out of Jason to keep myself warm,” he muttered. “You’re not too cold, are you, Emme?”