I kept coming back to this photo of Key resting in between jumps during Rob Woodcox’s photo session at The Wild Ones 2014 Columbus workshop. There was just something about it that kept drawing me in, and I finally decided to edit it this past weekend. The more I played with it, the darker it got until I realized why I liked it so much.

I’ve always noticed a direct correlation between my handwriting and my mood, the former declining substantially with the devolution of the latter. But, I’d never noticed such a correlation with my photography. This weekend I was feeling particularly down for a variety of different reasons, but when I was done with this photo, I felt strangely better. As if I had transferred all of the darkness and negativity from myself to the photo. It was a strange catharsis for sure, but in a way, I kind of feel like the photo was there waiting for me to “need” it if that makes sense.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does your mood or state of mind affect your processing style in any substantial way?