A shift in the bed sheets told Darren someone was sliding in next to him, but his mind was too sleep-clouded to really take much notice. When the figure had got comfortable, the man rolled over, eyes still closed and extended a hand, feeling for familiar features. His hand brushed a cheek, soft, delicate skin. The palm slid down a graceful neck, pausing at flawless collarbones.
A woman, it had to be a woman he knew. Sliding over a smooth shoulder and gliding up the back of the neck, Darren’s hand went to the back of her head.

His fingers found hair. Long, silken hair. Darren swirled his hand around in the glorious tresses, before cracking open one dark eye.
His vision was filled with auburn, fiery, fierce auburn. 
"It’s you," he whispered to Tauriel hoarsely.
He was surprised and delighted, for he had been rather intrigued in her when they had met. Ellie had been the first woman to leave him stumbling over his tongue and have his charm and cool demeanour dashed to the wind. 

If she didn’t want to be near him, she wouldn’t have entered his bed. Hoping this was excuse enough, Darren pulled the lithe creature close and draped a muscular arm over her waist. Cradling her to his chest, he settled is chin atop her head and took a deep breath, sighing contentedly. 
This was nice.
She was nice.
It was good just to be near her.