Style Icon: Kelis

I think one of the most underrated fashionistas in this world is Kelis.  Kelis is to me is all the crazy absurb shit ppl love about GaGa, Erykah Badu, Rihanna, and Bjork, wrapped into one package with an urban spin. I love how playful she is with color from her makeup to her outfits she is always making a statement.

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Do you like Kelis’s fashion or do you think your milkshake is better then hers?

#30daysoflippy sugar plum fairy

Todays challenge is wear something matte. But first a long ass story! So I have a love affair with Mac’s lipstick in rebel. It was a staple for me last winter and I even love it in summer. Back in December I took Rebel with me to Las Vegas on a business trip. I dropped it on a fancy ceramic floor with the cap off but the lipstick turned down. Well the fall was pretty hard and the lipstick came flying out the tube anyway. Ive since depotted the lil bit i could save from the tragedy buy don’t wear it as much because of the inconvenience. Enter this lipstick from wet n wild 908c sugar plum fairy VERY similar to rebel for way less!

Lipstick featured: wet n wild 908c sugar plum fairy

Other Products used:
Ruby kisses magic primer
Mac e/s in rice paper & omega
Ruby kisses never smudge liquid liner in navy
Mac false lashes extreme mascara
Eve pearl salmon concealer in light
Givenchy prism again blush in charming violet
Mac magically cool liquid powder in truth & light
Mac magenta lip liner
Coty airspun face powder in muted beige ( to set lipstick and make more matte)


Day 2: Edgy Look

Ok so I admit this isnt as edgy as I could take this look but hey I have to go to work people! (Vicki Gunvilson moment!)  So whenever I hear the word edgy i think winged eyeliner.  Whenever I think winged liner I cry a little inside.  I am HORRIBLE at winging my liner. I try every trick there is but at the end of the day it always ends up a mess.  Anywho today I just fought through it and did this super fun Duo colored winged liner.  Basically i started by creating the wing in black and then going in with my bright color and meeting the black in the sorta middle.  I got 3 compliments today on it so go ahead in try it!  I have to say for the purple I used the Eye Kandy liquid sugar with a loose Glamour doll eyes shadow and OMG it is amazing!  Although intended for glitter the Liquid Sugar is an amazing mixing medium for any loose pigments you may have.  This GDE eyesahdow happens to be crazy gorgeous as well so that didnt hurt this look either =)

Products used:

Revlon colorstay concealer in light/medium as an eyeshadow primer

generic  pigment stack in Las Vegas used a lighter pink color with a gold duochrome

Smashbox shickwave palette -Used the lighter brown in the crease as a buddy color and the lightest shade to highlight

Dior mascara primer

Cargo triple fusion mascara in black

Mac Black track fluidline

GDE eyeshadow in Glam Girl

Maybelline mineral power concealer in sand

Mac dirty plum blush

PF Happy booster blush

Nars Lipgloss in Boogie Nights

FTC: The eye kandy liquid sugar was given to me free of charge at a blogger event. And the Cargo mascara was part of a kit sent to me by P.R.for review purposes All other products mentioned I purchased myself and all opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own. I was not compensated to feature any products mentioned

#fotd I’m a Veronica Sawyer

Mac paintpot in painterly
Mac eyeshadow in paradisco
Big girl cosmetics style basics palette 2nd lightest brown shade
Garnier anti dark circle concealer
Sally hansen fastfix concealer in medium
Maybelline mastershape eyebrow pencil in dark brown
Benefit hoola bronzer
Loreal true match blush in
Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick in liberte
Mac viva glam gaga lipglass

#fotd kaleidoscope

Mac coral crepe paint pot
Mattese elite stardust in kaleidoscope
Big girl cosmetics eye basics palette darkest brown and darker highlight color
Loreal voluminous natural mascara in brown
La splash liquid eyeliner in shipwreck copper
Christian Siriano for vs makeup kajal eyeliner in eclipse
Milani hd concealer in 02 medium
Milani sunset duo in 01sunset city (just the bronzer)
Nars albatross/torrid duo both shades
Mac fulfilled plushglass

Myspace Vault: Sick N Tired of Being Sick N Tired

 A million light years ago I use to have a myspace account (or my____ as they recently re-branded themselves.) At one point I was very active in posting Myspace blogs. I have decided to repost some of them here

Since I am currently sick I thought this post would be a great one to repost today

Originally Posted: September 17, 2007

Well as some of you may know iwas sick this weekend. Nothing serious just your run of the mill weather changing cold ish. Saturday was pretty brutal. I had felt like i was going to get sick and i knew by friday it was inevitably going down. I felt sluggish and blah at work. Than saturday came the snot and headaches and random coughing. Sunday was a little better it was mostly the eyes watering uncontrolably. So it’s monday and im not 100% but i am back at work. We shall see how the rest of the day pans out. Special thanks to the following that ade my sick time a lil bit better: Liptons green tea, yes thai chicken wonton soup, cambells chicken soup, puffs plus lotion tissue, tropicana lemonade, h20, special cameo bby gatorade as well. Dina for letting me stay on the couch and making me tea heart you mommy, mad props to cable television as well as stolen internet connections and my enV. Super shout outs Jean and Teddy for keeping me company alllllllllll weekend long. Jean the lemonade sooo worked and Teddy! thanks for giving me the best laugh of my life that stopped my sinuses for a good minute. (Im still laughing today) Heart you guys. And now for the real reason i posted this blog. for anyone who ever thought i was cute or photogenic even for a split second here are some pictures of me sick over the weekend. Yes i showered only to get into the same green hoodie all weekend long. Hey it’s my sick sweater!

External image

  This was friday at work.

External image

Saturday not as cute

External image


External image

Green tea makes the world go round

External image


External image


External image

should have left the sick hoodie on!

External image

sick n sexy…(s)NOT!!!!

p.s. So right now you’re like who the fuck gets sick and has a photoshoot. Well me of course!

So cut to today 1/28/11 I am sick here is a pic of me right now

External image

sick sweater in full force and looking grosser than ever

#fotd killer smile

Mac fresco rose paint pot
Glamour doll eyes dazzle me e/s
Mac omega e/s
Mac falsies mascara
Maybelline master shape eyebrow pencil in brown
Maybelline fitme concealer 25medium
Mehron celebre hd foundation in medium me2
Nars casino bronzer
Nars sin blush
Ulta eyeliner in raisin (used as lipliner)
Lancome red stiletto lipstick
Mac faultlessly f/w lipstick

The most unhealthy relationship Chicagoans have is with the weather.  We are completely obsessed with it. We write emotional status updates about it. We are equally consumed by the highs and the lows. The only thing we can depend on it for is to be undependable. Just when we think it has changed it breaks our hearts and right when we are ready to be done with it it does something amazing to make us forget all the crap it put us through.

Adding Insult To Injury

As some of you may know my day job is in the marketing & communications field. Every day at work I set a chunk of time aside to look through different blogs and websites that pertain to my field. Yesterday I was perusing Ads of the world, a website that post ads from around the world that are fresh and beautifully designed. As I was sifting through I came across these 3 ads that were all part of the same campaign.  The imagery was ok and I couldn’t figure out what the ad was for. Intrigued I clicked on one of the pictures to find out more.  The ads were from Brazil and were for 180 Report Call advocating women to report domestic violence.  Before I continue here are the ads

External image

“You only get cramps once in a month but you’re always complaining about it. Violence against women is a crime. Report”

External image

“When your nails break you let everyone know. Violence against women is a crime. Report”

External image

“You’re not afraid of screaming when waxing. Violence against women is a crime. Report”

So needless to say as a woman I hate these ads. Its very obvious they were trying to tap into girly topics like beauty & periods to reel woman in before they zap them with their message. Problem is nothing about these ads empowers or encourages abused women to take a stand.  Instead these adverts basically say “You bitch about everything else so why not bitch about being abused?"  Now Ive never been in a situation of abuse but something tells me this messaging wouldn’t exactly make me have an aha moment. When I looked at the names for the team that was responsible for this 3 out of 4 names sounded masculine which is no surprise to me because it is clear that this was not the brainchild of someone who knows what its like to be a female. What was shocking however was that the one female on the team was the copywriter! This is insane to me as I find the copy to clearly be the most offensive part.

If I could take a stab at this campaign I would have images such as eyebrows being plucked over a black eye, a broken nail on a cut hand, or wax strip on a bruised leg with a tag line along the lines of  "Beauty hurts, Love does not” I think this solution achieves what the original ads attempted to in a less offensive tone.  But what do I know right. I’m just another woman bitching about shit.

What do you think about these ads?

#fotd copper safari

Mac soft ochre paint pot
Giorgio Armani eyes to kill eyeshadow in 6 khaki pulse
Loreal infallible eyeshadow in continuous cocoa
Maybelline lash discovery mascara
Garnier anti dark circle roller
Mac to the beach cream bronzer in weekend
Cargo beach blush in coral beach
Mac sheen supreme lipstick in cant resist