vanessa chandler

Run and hide, it’s gonna be bad tonight cause here comes your devil side it’s gonna ruin me

It’s almost like slow motion suicide watching your devil side get between you and me

Still I want you, but not for your devil side

Not for your haunted life

Just for you

So tell me why I deal with your devil side. I deal with your dangerous mind but never with you

Who’s gonna save you now?

Who’s gonna save you?

So tell me what I need to do to get myself away from you. To keep myself from going down all the way down with you…

Devil Side - Foxes

Finished Penny Dreadful, and I tell you, it's weird to have a great series actually call it quits and leave off on a spectacular note.

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And what a gloriously spectacular note it was.

For all those series out there who drag out the end, take a note. Three seasons of real, excellent content was enough. Maybe it didn’t make anyone more money season after season, but to the viewers, to me, an ending to the story was all that was left to give us.

Penny dreadful finale thoughts

This is gonna be a long one so sit tight.

First off like, almost none of the characters in the show got what they deserved like everything was such a fuckin dramatic tragedy. Except probably Dorian, i feel like his story arc ended in a believable way.

Secondly like, i cant get over how out of character everyone was in season 3 like.
Victor ‘make-u-a-proper-woman’ frankenstein is not that much of a sexist. Id literally be able to accept it if it was consistent with his character but that shit came out from nowhere. Also, why the fuck did he just forget he was friends with vanessa?? Did he just never visit her from the end of season 2 to the beginning of season 3?? Especially since they seemed to be getting along pretty well all this time?? Honestly everything about him in s3 just made him into a bit of a pathetic dick and, i feel, undid a lot of the character development he went through. (And if I were Jekyll i would have punched him at least once already)

Its kind of the same with ethan like, great outfit change but also i find it unbelievable that he would entertain Hecate in any way. I understand he was at a low point at that time but also?? Given everything hes seen with vanessa, especially the time they spent in the cut witch’s cabin together (im looking specifically at the time when he strongly fought against vanessa about using black magic), i cant believe that he would for one moment ally himself with the forces that he condemned so much n so strongly cuz oh idk, they literally tried to KILL vanessa? A person he cares deeply about???? As for him actually falling in love with hecate, that was a total left fielder again like yes they were stuck in a crazy dessert journey together, no i dont think thats excuse enough to start fucking, particularly considering the events of the s2 finale????

(Also the fact that he never found out that he killed sembene (who is the winner of the didnt get what he deserved trophy btw) because of hecate is gonna bother me forever)

Like speaking of hecate, i feel like her story arc was just so pointless. It was imo just a tool to the larger plot, in which case why even make her an instrument with an arc. Why give her so many cryptic scenes n ooooh im so evil when literally all she does is nearly die on a dessert journey and then unsuccessfully try to recruit ethan to the dark side. There was all this buildup through season 2 as she works to betray her mother n like i though she was going to be the ultimate satan witch thing who would become even stronger n start some crazy shit but like no? Instead she follows ethan to america on some wild assumption that she can definately convince him to be evil (again i cant believe this worked) n then is uncerimoniously shot to death i guess after completing her mission? So everything she did was literally pointless, other than taking up ethans time. Even that brief stint of evilness she kinda got him to do didnt fall through in the end so like. Okay.

Its also just kinda funny watching them swap token poc characters around

Other than that, vanessa obviously didnt fuckin deserve to die are u kidding me rn. N i find it fuckin hard to believe that she could resist lucifer who spent the entire 2nd season tormenting her like crazy but not fuckin dracula. Dracula who is literally just a vampire vs actual satan. I guess i can see it in the sense that he used love as his tactic etc etc and that all her close friends were away (*cough*im lookin at u frankenstein*cough*) but still. Vanessa is not that gullible id think. I mean lucifer pulled the same 'i will love u for who u are’ act as well and if u count the torments from s1 to be draculas doing then theyve kind of tormented her the same amount. Im not saying its entirely unbelievable here, but i am saying that it could have been better written.

Angelique was totally unfairly murdered. She was a great character and i would have rather watched her and dorian go on dates for 5 hours rather than all the scenes of victor pining for lily added together.

Where the heck did dracula disappear to btw? N what r they gonna do with sam barnett trapped in sir malcoms basement?

Also that bloody threesome between dorian, lily and justine was just really uncomfortable to watch because i know for a fact that drying blood becomes sticky and tacky and like…think of the chafing please.

All this shit being said, its not like i hated the show. On the contrary i thought it was great!! Just… some parts could have been better? I thought all the actors (esp Eva Green n Billie Piper) were fantastic n it was super well executed. The set and costume design were sweet as heck n the fight scenes were especially good (i loved seeing how shit at combat victor was n his go-to of beating the lights out of monsters while screaming in fear)

I could probably go on here but like this post is long enough and I cant think of anything else off the top of my head so tldr; no one got what they deserved (except maybe dorian) but like, still loved it tho