vanessa chandler

1. dark side [kelly clarkson] 2. hear your heart [james bay] 3. when the darkness comes [colbie caillat] 4. the reason [hoobastank] 5. somebody to die for [hurts] 6. fire meet gasoline [sia] 7. devil’s backbone [the civil wars] 8. iris [goo goo dolls] 9. dear god [avenged sevenfold] 10. here without you [3 doors down] 11. never too late [three days grace] 12. when you’re gone [avril lavigne] 13. smile [mikky ekko] 14. various storms & saints [florence + the machine]


I’ve been tagged by @maikanna (thanks!) to list 5 of my OTP. Well, I’m not really a shipping one or so, but I do like some couples.

Ethan Chandler and Vanessa Ives - Penny Dreadful

Kieren Walker and Simon Monroe - In the Flesh

Leia Organa and Han Solo - Star Wars

Ned “The Piemaker” and Charlotte “Chuck” Charles - Pushing Daisies

Jenny Flint and Madame Vastra - Doctor Who

Tagging whoever wants to do this 


‘Frightened’ Tease | Season 3

Don’t miss the new season of Penny Dreadful beginning Sunday, May 1st at 10PM ET/PT. Starring Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green.


Even the president of Showtime ships EV! (✿◠‿◠)

(fyi, it’s from S2, but it’s still valid!)


OMG look at that epic Ethan x Vanessa reunion hug!!!

“I’m not frightened” YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS