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This is one of my favorite parts of the Red vs. Blue season 13 finale.

●Grey tending to Matthews who singlehandedly brought down a Mantis droid.

●Bitters watching over Matthews as he’s being taken care of.

●Andersmith sitting down, resting, clearly exhausted from the battle.

●Palomo and Jensen sitting next to each other, hand-in-hand, looking at each other.

●Kimball looking at her soldiers, clearly relieved that they’re all alive and safe

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Whats "In The Heights" about? All I know is that Lin is in it

ok kids buckle tf up here we go

so in the heights takes place in the middle of a heat wave, more specifically on july 3rd. it’s centered around a latino community in washington heights (which is in the northest part of manhattan), referred to as the barrio.

a few of the main characters:

1. usnavi de la vega (so dope y tu lo sabes)
originally played by lin, usnavi is probably the main-est character. he owns & runs a tiny bodega with his cousin, sonny. theyre both dominican. usnavi is 24 and sonny is 16. usnavi’s biggest dream is to go back home to the dominican republic and it continues to drive him throughout the musical. hes really awkward and messes up a lot but he tries & we love him anyways

2. vanessa otilia garcia (you know her, a little bit of cinnamon)
i dont think vanessa ever mentions where shes from??? but she was originally played by karen olivo (who now plays angelica in ham chicago!). she’s “the loveliest girl in the place”. she could have anyone in the whole barrio and she chose usnavi??? idk. shes usnavis love interest. shes a bamf & i lov her. she really really wants to move downtown. she works at the salon next to the de la vega bodega. shes 19

3. nina rosario (the barrio’s best)
quite possibly the most relatable character on broadway??? she’s 19 & puerto rican, played by mandy gonzalez. she was the only one in the barrio to go to college (stanford! hot damn!). she…. kinda dropped out tho and she kinda has a crisis bc like??? how tf is she supposed to break the news to everyone??? also her father owns the taxi dispatch that benny works at

4. benny (??? no last name??????)
hes like one of the maybe 2 non hispanic characters, played by none other than chris jackson. hes 24 and lowkey has a big crush on nina. knows how 2 pick up chicks. friends with usnavi.

5. abuela claudia (not really ur abuela)
cuban. not actually anyone’s abuela. is also everyone’s abuela. will probably be ur abuela too if u asked. usnavi is especially close to her, as is nina. arguably one of the purest characters in the show. played by olga ortiz.

6. daniela & carla
vanessa works w them at the salon. they know all the gossip of the barrio. /a l l/ of it. just try to tell them something going on that they dont know (hint: u cant). theres like a 95% chance theyre lesbians. daniela is puerto rican and carla is uh….. chiledominicurican??? but she always says shes from queens. dani is played by andrea burns & carla is played by janet dacal.

u should check the genius lyrics as u go along bc there’s a lot of spanish and spanglish thrown in there, and also bc some key plot points are left out of the soundtrack (rly only like 2 maybe 3 but still) and if not for the annotations theyll fly right over ur head.

in the heights is just a rly gr8 show, all of the latinx characters are played by latinx people, overall i’d give it about a 9/10 bc they made it much less gay (in the workshop ver, nina had a brother named lincoln & he was gay and had a crush on benny, also pete & sonny were supposed to kiss right before the last song) (we’re all really bitter abt that btw) (make in the heights gay again 2kForever) (its still a great show tho pls give it a listen)

ok this was a really long post sorry bye listen to in the heights

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i feel like preteen sonny had some real Iconic(tm) hair,,, like we're talking growing it out to his shoulders and the cutting it into a mohawk,,, daniela just goes to town



fake movie meme → Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Ariel
Darren Criss as Prince Eric
Kathy Bates as Ursula


I watched the Merc trilogy again and feelings for old AUs came back. Specifically ones about Locus and Felix being fucking terrible dads to some homeless kids (three guesses as to who they are, or just check the captions).

And since Siris is now a thing, that just opens up more possibilities. So maybe consider this an AU where Chorus never happens and the assholes just go on being bounty hunters for the rest of their lives while raising the kids.

Also I guess you could consider this a redraw of this old thing with a lot more added.

One of many birds you can come visit this Saturday during the Silent Aviary exhibition at The VACVVM in Minneapolis. Featuring new work by Vanessa Foley and I plus a huge selection of guest pieces. One night only. See you there! 🐦

in my 2D class we’ve all been given 12 seconds of uptown funk to rotoscope and ive finally finished my roughs

no prizes for guessing what theme ive gone for

i call it “sonny’s day off”

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Headcannons for in the height?

In general?

  • Sonny becomes a Sociology major
  • He also dates Pete after high school and they are an activist couple
  • Nina starts up her own business, calls it Rosario Inc., a reminder that her success is also success of her father
  • Benny marries Nina and takes HER name because its business sweetheart
  • Carla and Daniella open up their own salon partnering with some all natural hair treatments 
  • Vanessa works for Nina for a while and then becomes a partner doing international marketing for her
  • Usnavi expands the bodega into a full blown coffee shop, invests on the commercial buildings next to his store and rents it out
  • Piragua guy still hangs around and Usnavi gives him a coffee on the house everyday
  • Vanessa is in New York from time to time, Usnavi and her rekindle their romance
Former USA Gymnast Vanessa Atler Says She Developed an Eating Disorder Under Valeri Liukin: ‘I’m Still Messed Up’
“I feel like I got really screwed up with my weight at Valeri’s to this day,” says Vanessa Atler

Valeri’s response:

“I am sorry Vanessa’s experience wasn’t positive during her time at WOGA. When asked to help during a difficult time for her, my intention as a coach was to help Vanessa achieve her dreams, not make her training situation more difficult,” says Liukin.

“My recollection of working with Vanessa is different and includes many positive experiences. Coaching techniques and perspectives have evolved since then, and I have grown as a coach through experience and expanding my knowledge.  Today, I firmly believe an athlete’s focus should be on training smart, with increased education in the areas of balanced nutrition, fitness, healthy lifestyle and communication.  This is the basis for our approach in women’s gymnastics.”