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I watched the Merc trilogy again and feelings for old AUs came back. Specifically ones about Locus and Felix being fucking terrible dads to some homeless kids (three guesses as to who they are, or just check the captions).

And since Siris is now a thing, that just opens up more possibilities. So maybe consider this an AU where Chorus never happens and the assholes just go on being bounty hunters for the rest of their lives while raising the kids.

Also I guess you could consider this a redraw of this old thing with a lot more added.
Vanessa Kirby interview: What stops people fulfilling what they want
“All I knew was that she was sort of a tragic figure,” says actress Vanessa Kirby about Princess Margaret. “It didn’t really cross my consciousness that much. I knew she smoked and drank, and was kind of this old lady in a wheelchair.”

Andrews updated Three Sisters to modern day Russia, replete with four-letter expletives. He then asked her to play Stella, with Gillian Anderson as elder sister Blanche in an adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. She had introduced Anderson to Andrews after appearing with the X-Filesactress in a 2011 television adaptation of Great Expectations in which Kirby played Estella to Anderson’s Miss Havisham. After a critically acclaimed sell-out run on the London stage in the summer of 2014, the much-admired revolving stage transferred to New York earlier this year.

They shared a dressing room, with Anderson occasionally getting frustrated at how messy Kirby can be. “She would say look at the state of that! One time she took a picture of the picture of the mess and showed it to me, it was only in the picture that I saw the mess. I’m so relaxed and don’t stress about things, I just didn’t really notice it was out of control.”

The one time she did feel Anderson’s ire was after handing her fellow cast member a black eye: “We were rushing onto stage and I forgot to open a curtain for her and she whacked her head hard against a pillar. I was late coming back from the loo or something. Luckily Blanche is drunk in that scene, but I could tell she was hurt and was thinking, oh my God, she might faint at any minute. She was slurring way more. Throughout the whole scene, I was saying sorry to her with my eyes.”


Holiday shopping with Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer of ‘SNL’ and ‘Office Christmas Party’

Lily lovee

Lily Rose Depp deserves all the appreciation she can get. She is working so hard and being such a go-getter. She is my age and I just cannot fathom how she is working and traveling and jut being so brave, so much. And (it might have to do with her parent’s status and money enabling her to travel so often but) I love how she’s been going after and getting roles in more indie, intercontinental, foreign movies like La Danseuse and Planetarium which were released outside of America in festival-type premieres. And plus, she’s been modeling for Chanel and doing shoots and commercials and being so fearless that she blows my mind. She is amazing.


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“Thank you to the best cast, crew and fans in television.” - Jeff Eastin


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