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Harry Potter P.S.A for all fandoms

Alright all you movers and shakers I am so not in a good move and am tired of explaining this by word of mouth or to them so our all gonna read it, I mean you don’t have to but I would like you to its important to me. So today I was scrolling through Tumblr going through my favorite ships, not even harry potter just the ships I go to day to day. And of course every fandom has at least on potter fic or head cannon. While I was doing this I came across yet another person who was pissed and throwing a fit about a character they liked being put into slytherin by this particular ship group, and this person was against this ship which is ok if the anti-shipper hadn’t been blaming this head cannon on this group of shippers and trashing all over SLYTHERIN HOUSE because the character they liked was categorized as a slytherin. They went on this whole long ass rant about how everyone in this ship group for the fandom were assholes for putting this character in slytherin like it was an insult to the character. My response to this is DID YOU EVN READ THE FUCKING BOOK! Slytherins are NOT EVIL or even mean. Your upset with us for deciding that a strong female working character is in this house but do you even understand what gets a person put into slytherin? Your stereotyping a whole house and yes some Slytherins are dicks but I think anyone upset about a character you like being put into slytherin is really stupid research the damn book, read the wiki, watch J.K Rowling’s interviews.

Traits of a slytherin
Slytherins who were not evil dick bags
Horace Slughorn
Andromeda Tonks
Severus Snape
Regulus Black
Draco Malfoy
Albus Potter
Scorpious Malfoy

Please do your damn research just because a house is known for making dark wizards does not mean all wizards in that house are dark.


x  Penny Dreadful Season 2: Choreography

Choreographer Tommy Tonge and executive producer John Logan discuss creating the dance choreography for Dorian’s ball.

ships/things that i’ll possibly write
  • bway

-Dear Evan Hansen: Evan/Connor, Evan/Zoe, Zoe/Alana, Evan.

-Hamilton: Hamilton/Laurens, Hamilton/Eliza, Eliza/Maria, Jefferson/Madison, Lafayette/Mulligan

-In The Heights: Usnavi/Vanessa, Benny/Nina, Graffiti Pete/Sonny

  • harry potter 

-Golden trio era: Dean/Seamus, Ginny/Luna, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Harry

-Marauders Era: Sirius/Remus, Lily/James

-3rd generation era: Scorpius/Albus, Teddy/Victoire, Teddy/James

  • gmw

-Riley/Maya, Riley/Farkle, Lucas/Farkle, Zay/Smackle, Lucas/Smackle

  • sanders sides

-Princey/Anxiety, Logic/Morality, Logic/Morality/Princey/Anxiety 

  • shadowhunters

-Magnus/Alec, Clary/Izzy, Simon/Izzy, Simon/Raphael, Clary/Jace, Izzy/Maia

  • Teen Wolf

-Scott/Allison, Stiles/Lydia, Scott/Kira, Scott/Malia, Danny/Ethan

  •  descendants

-Mal/Evie, Jay/Carlos, Jay/Harry, Harry/Gil, Uma/Mal, Mal/Ben, Carlos/Jane, Jay/Lonnie, Doug/Chad, Harry/Ben, Carlos/Ben 

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