vanessa todd


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Erica, Sarah, Y/N: “Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call. Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call.” 
Erica: “My name is Erica. I like to party. And when I shake it, the boys say “ay mami!”
Erica, Sarah, Y/N: “Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call.” 
Sarah: “My name Sarah. Give you three wishes. You see me shake it, ‘cause I’m delicious.”
Erica, Sarah, Y/N: “Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call.”
Y/N: “My name Y/N.  Get out my face. ‘Cause when I shake it, it’s like an earthquake.”
Benny: “Ethan what do we do?”
Ethan: “I have no clue buddy.” 

I saw that Julie Giles pretty much broke it down for someone on the FB group on why there is no news on MBAV right now. This sums it up really.

CURRENTLY a third season seems bleak (almost 3 years later, yeah, as much as I’d love the show to come back - the actors/producers/crew probably want to move on [and some have, Atticus & Vanessa - although I’m sure they want/wanted the cliffhanger resolved as well], too much time has elapsed now). And I kinda figured costs would render the show being a webseries moot. 

However until a Canadian TV broadcaster (or network) decides they want to do anything more w/ MBAV, we likely won’t get a 2nd/closure TV film either (which I’d [and everyone else] settle for just for that cliffhanger at the end of the series to be resolved).

In a nutshell; the producers want to do more My Babysitter’s a Vampire - they can’t because they don’t have a network in Canada that wants to air it [yet].

I’m still hopeful something will come in 2015 regarding our beloved show. 

My love for this man will never change. He is literally the most caring, handsome and down to earth human being on this earth. His words make me smile when I’m at my worst. People may laugh or judge my love for him because of the age gap but who cares. He is just simply the best ❤️