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What are your thoughts about nastia's comment last night? I found it disgusting. We are soooo happy to hear again about YOUR amazing experience, but there are hundreds of girls that didn't have that. Respect that and stop talking about yourself for a split second.

Al did put Nastia on the spot, which I thought was very inappropriate. But considering how Nastia has reacted to USAG abuse cases, her comments made me very uncomfortable. When the Larry Nassar accusations first came out, Nastia was one of the dozens of gymnasts, coaches, parents of gymnasts, etc. that supported him on his Facebook page. When Vanessa Atler’s gymcastic interview came out, she tweeted about how you shouldn’t believe everything you read/hear. I think Nastia needs to stop talking about how her experiences with USAG were positive and understand that just because her experiences were positive, it doesn’t mean that the abuse of others was invalid.

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My life changed over thanksgiving weekend, and I am talking to you right now from my terrace where I am watching our new puppy. (x)

This (Lin’s last) sad sad conversation was filmed the week Tobillo decided to adopt Lin and Vanessa! This is absolutely adorable, I love seeing Lin with Tobi and talking about Vanessa *heart eyes*. (I know I’m trash. Shh!!!)

Bonus: My favorite comment for this vid!