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Got home late from a busy day and realized I had yet to take a photo. Thought I would have to settle for a boring shot of Bedford Avenue, but then I noticed a sassy girl unlocking her bike, sporting this tattoo. I almost let her bike away without so much as uttering a single syllable; I rarely have the courage to approach strangers and ask if I can take their photograph. Something about this girl told me it would be okay, though, and my bravery was rewarded. She said many strangers have photographed her tattoo, and asked what I was doing with my 365 project. I told her the name of this blog, and even though I’m weeks behind on my updating, I hope she finds it and sees her photo. Hello, girl with the ephemeral tattoo! Thank you for giving me such a beautiful image for this day.


Never thought the most exciting part of my day would be running home during my lunch break to pick up my dry-cleaning…is this what being a grown-up is? I’m not sure I’m into it. On the bright side, at least I can still wear fun things like polka-dot dresses to work; the day I have to exist in a grey suit from 9-5 is the day I no longer want to exist on this planet.


Okay, I have a lot of feelings about today’s photo. Which is fine, because it’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re allowed to have a lot of feelings on Valentine’s Day!


First of all, how adorable?! Turns out Hallmark holidays in the corporate world can be super adorable–Melanie presented me with this token of affection, and she couldn’t have picked a more perfect sentiment because today our brand twitter feed reached 502 followers! Seeing as we started with 206, I feel very proud.

But my other feelings are…it’s an Instagram photo. Yes, guilty as charged. I took it on Mel’s phone and had her email it to me. It is the only cell phone photo included thus far in this project. And what do I think about that? Well…I think (I think) it’s okay! I currently have a very old Blackberry with a very shitty camera, so I haven’t been using it to capture any photos for my 365 project. HOWEVER, when I upgrade to the iPhone (which will happen sometime in the next 1-3 months) I’m sure I’ll be tempted to snap some of the 365 photos using Instagram. I do not want the project to turn into “One iPhone Photo A Day” because that defeats the purpose of utilizing my DSLR and honing my photography skills etc etc etc, but to use it once in a while is just like using a digital point and shoot to quickly capture any important/funny/cute/necessary moments that may occur over the course of 365 days when I do not have my “real” camera with me. I am okay with that.

WHEW, glad we talked about all those feelings. You know. Cause I know you were worried about them.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!


“Whenever we get food with your friends, we end up hanging out for like, three hours.” It’s so true. I love introducing Rachel to the important people in my life; I feel so lucky that humans who mean so much to me are finally meeting and getting to know each other. We had a delicious three hour brunch with Mel at Yaffa Cafe, and the only way it could have been better was if Sarah had been there to join us, which just means we’ll have to do it again super soon. Also: look at how freaking adorable they are in their matching glasses!


The lovely Miss Emily Myett, posing under a lamp in Washington Square Park. Isn’t she beautiful? (She is also wildly cooperative; I took approximately 250 photos before putting my camera away and she was charming and adorable the whole time. If Rachel doesn’t end up with me, I fully support Em being The Backup Plan.)