vanessa lopa

Oh, hello there.

This tumblog originally started out as my Project365 tumblog for 2011. Somewhere along the way, around February or March, I forgot to take my daily photo. Instead of cheating it, I just kinda abandoned the whole project. No sense in a Proj365 if there’s less than 365 photos, yes?

I’ve decided to revive this blog and turn it into my photography blog. Here you will find my little victories, epic fails, and all manner of photography experiments. For now, have a photo of my hamster, Barney. He’s the most challenging subject I’ve ever had to shoot, and he only gave me a few presentable shots. This is the best from the lot. ConCrit will be highly appreciated, I’ll be leaving my askbox open, with the anon option on. :)

Here’s to a new beginning!