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bettywho 26 tomorrow so obviously I asked my fave humans to come honour my deity @beyonce 🐝🐝🐝 TY @bp_parks and all my beautiful friends for being honestly so fierce I can’t even take it. 🙌🏼 @iamvincint @scotthoying @vdrstar @mollytarlov @vanessamagos @samlansky @tylerlain @totle9 @kevinmchale @jedidiahjenkins @jessescottegan


Once a year we all come together to this sacred valley. We migrate here to get inspired, to reset, and to check in with each other. We talk about our dreams, the universe, love, life, and the trials and successes of the last year. Knowing we all have this constant tradition every year is something we all truly look forward to.

The other day I was sitting around staring at all my friends and I finally figured out how to best articulate how I feel about them. They are like super heroes to me, all in their own regard. As a child we all have some super hero we aspire to be. We look up to them and are in awe of their ability. I believe this to be true about how I feel with this group. We all bring a special gift to the table. We all play an instrument in this orchestra of life.

I love you all. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for inspiring me. Here’s to being 70 years old and all coming back here to reminisce this beautiful life we share.

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