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2017 World Figure Skating Championships Top Ten Pairs

1) Sui/Han 232.06 (China)

2) Savchenko/Massot 230.30 (Germany)

3) Tarasova/Morozov 219.03 (Russia)

4) Yu/Zhang 211.51 (China)

5) Stolbova/Klimov 206.72 (Russia)

6) Ilyushechkina/Moscovitch 206.19 (Canada)

7) Duhamel/Radford 206.06 (Canada)

8) James/Cipres 204.68 (France)

9) Marchei/Hotarek 203.92 (Italy)

10) Scimeca-Knierim/Knierim 202.37 (USA)

THE GOLDEN COURT OF YI TI (listen on 8tracks) // curse of the golden flower - Shigeru Umebayashi // ending theme - Jeremy Zuckerman // hue court music - Van-Anh Vanessa Vo // oogway ascends - Hans Zimmer and John Powell // the dragon boy Joe Hisaishi // avatar the last airbender suite - Jeremy Zuckerman // rains of castamere  - Tina Guo // gnossienne no. 3 - Van-Anh Vanessa Vo // the empress of china - Dong Dongdong // mother mongolia - Altan Urag // bodhisattva - Yao Bei Na //

Hans' Villain Song
Hans' Villain Song

since some kind people have been wanting more Fem!Hans/Hana stuff, I did a lil dub of what her villain song would be 。◕‿◕。 inspired by an ask.

not entirely satisfied with this but alkdfj I just figured I’d upload it. This would be sung in her cell on the way back to the Southern Isles

500% serious and partially based off this quality comic. (also ya that’s Vanessa LOL)

First hardcover for Man Made Boy! The dust jacket is textured and the circuit board in the title treatment is shiny!

It’s really real, you guys! This is my third book, but with such a long gap between books and having a new publisher, i feel like a debut all over again.

This took about seven years from initial concept to what you see in this picture. It has been my constant companion in one form or other through some of the most challenging and wonderful years of my life. And in less than two months it will be out in the world! I hope it will illuminate your lives as much as it has mine.

By the way, the awesome exterior design was done by Vanessa Han.