vanessa gillings

'And we bring the light'... and they bring me pain

“There’s been an accident”… “Twelve hours earlier…”

Wes telling Regina to come with him to dinner

Bay being rejected and keeping it from everyone

Toby realizing something’s up and then cheering Bay up

Kathryn deciding to go with Bay and Toby

Chip Coto appears

Bay telling Kathryn she’s not a real writer

Wes decides to actually listen to Regina

Regina: “Keep him away from your interns.”

Regina puts the gun in her purse

Kathryn making up the story about the deaf twins

Daphne and Angelo cooking, bonding and taking a selfie

Then hugging

Daphne decides to go to K&D

Regelo fighting, Angelo leaving, Daphne telling him to stay

The Kennishes family moment


And that promo

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my sketchbook pages!  I was going through my apartment the other day in preparation to (maybe) move when I found an older sketchbook I hadn’t finished, so I decided to fill in some half-completed pages.  Part of this is from a year ago (I wonder if you can tell which parts??) and part of it is from last week.  It’s funny to see how my art has changed in a year…I’ve gotten a lot better at rhythm and simple shape-flow I think!

A little de-stress doodle of what I wore the other day when it was still in the 50′s and not in the 90′s.  I hate summer.  -_-  I’m moving in a week!!  Holy crap, so much to do…  I’ll probably be pretty absent for the next two weeks as I finish up projects, pack my stuff, unpack my stuff, and buy a new art table (I currently work at my kitchen counter - can’t take that with me!)

See you then!