vanessa garcia

five reasons vanessa is one of the most relatable characters in any musical ever

- “It’s not reflected in my bank statement but I’ve been savin’”
- someone: *offers a compliment*
response: “you’ve got some schmutz on your face”
- “what? i don’t care!” *actually cares alot*
- “i never win shit!”
- “why is everyone so happy?”

little things that make up the ITH couples

usnavi/vanessa: coffee. everyone knows usnavi gave vanessa free coffee every day back when he was still crushing on her and he STILL does it, and he knows her coffee order so well he can do it blindfolded. also he makes it before they open so its ready for her when she comes in. vanessa likes to try and make usnavi’s coffee sometimes as a joke, too. and once, they switched coffee orders and vanessa thought his was too bitter but he had drank half of hers in under a minute, making her laugh really hard. he swears he falls in love all over again when she laughs.

benny/nina: books. benny didn’t like to read as a kid, but when he grew up and started dating nina, he’d drop everything if nina wanted to read with him. on some days, when it’s pouring outside, they sit on their couch, with nina reading some giant classical book and benny listening. he loves her voice. nina got him into reading, so much so that he would ask her to read books to him on the phone while she was in stanford and he would follow along with his own copy, 3,000 miles away.

sonny/pete: hugs and forehead kisses. we all know sonny is TINY and pete’s got a good five inches on him. the height difference is perfect for them, because sonny fits right into the crook of pete’s neck, and he’s the perfect height for pete to cup his boyfriend’s face and place a lil kiss on his forehead or temple. sonny playfully tells pete to fight him, and that he’ll grow, don’t worry.