vanellope's kart

Is anyone else disturbed by the similarities between the scene in Cinderella where Cinderella gets her dress ripped off her by her stepsisters and the scene where Vanellope gets her kart destroyed by the racers right in front of her

It’s different material things that get destroyed but the aggression and violence against young underprivileged girls with dreams is exactly the same 

Walking in Another's Shoes || Closed @ sparkler-v

Vanellope had been doing her best to spend as much time as possible with Turbo ever since giving him Cocoaline. She was still skittish, shy, and cautious around him to a degree, not to mention she left without a single protest if he wanted to be alone, but she was making an effort. That counted for something… right?

Either way, she flopped onto her bed, ready to tuck in for the night… But despite crawling under the covers and wrapping them close around herself, she wasn’t tired.

She tossed and turned for several moments, trying to get comfortable… until finally, she sat up in bed, sighing gently.

This was doing her no good… Everyone else was probably asleep by now, too. Maybe she could sneak out… grab a book from the library and read herself a bedtime story… As long as the book had decently sized text. Struggling with her dyslexia wasn’t exactly an ideal way to spend the night…

But even so, that might still wake someone. And she didn’t want to do that…

… There was something else she could read, though. The second half of Chase’s story… She never did finish it. And speaking of the boy, she hadn’t seen him, Sparkler, or Speedy around for a couple days now… Maybe this would give her an excuse to go find them in the morning.

She slipped down off the side of her bed, Liz dangling from her grip. She switched on a bedside lamp before padding over to her desk and retrieving the pages.

Now, to read…

Another commission done featuring Vanellope von Schweetz - my favourite character from Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph”. Definitely the cutest character ever saying farewell with the words “Au revoir, Admiral Underpants”!

Vanellope is available in my Etsy-store in my new “Cute Chibis”-artprint-section!

  • Disney: Okay, Wreck-it Ralph needs to be a fun, hilarious, enjoyable movie for the whole family!
  • Disney:
  • Disney: Let's have the two main characters be outcasts and bullied for most of their lives
  • Disney: Let's have Ralph wreck Vanellope's kart
  • Disney: Let's make glitches not be able to leave their games
  • Disney: Let's have Ralph almost die
  • Disney:
  • Disney: The kids will love it! Fun for the whole family! It'll be great
"Do You Want To Build A Go-Kart?" A WIR one-shot

Merry Christmas, glitched–princess! ‘Tis I, your Secret Santa! I have to give this to you early, since my folks and I are leaving for Cuba tomorrow and will be gone all week. In case you didn’t already guess, there was a good reason why I asked you as an anon if you’d seen Frozen. This Ralph and Vanellope AU story I wrote for you wouldn’t make much sense if you hadn’t seen it. ;) I hope you like it. It was a lot of fun to write! 

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