cartoon characters re-imagined as millennials

1. Pokémon 
2. Ed, Edd n Eddy
3. Power Puff Girls 
4. Vanellope, Boo, and Lilo 
5. The Proud Family
6. American Dragon: Jake Long
7. Scooby-Doo
8. Totally Spies
9. Sailor Moon
10. Danny Phantom

created by Taisa


2016 outfits. ❤️

Yeah, I know. It’s getting to be a bit much now. 😜😝


Shutocon 2017 - Photo Set 2

Not all from the same day. I went back for a second day, Sunday, and decided to reuse my Vanellope Von Schweetz cosplay from Youmacon. It was already in my closet, so why not? ^^ Spent time with some internet friends, played some DDR and Guitar Hero. Bought pins. So many pins… XD

Favourite photo of the weekend? Wilfred Warfstache and Deadpool, Titanic-Style. Lovely.

vanellope von schweetz has what is essentially tourette’s syndrome.

yes, yes, i know, she’s just a glitchy video game character, right? but that’s exactly it. vanellope suffers from glitches she can suppress if she really tries, but they act up when she’s emotional or upset or stressed, causing her to teleport and speak in an unusual way. her glitches are caused by malfunctioning code as a result of king candy’s actions.

tourettics have tics they can suppress if they really try, but they act up when they’re emotional or upset or stressed, and are caused by issues in the basal ganglia that affect the way certain neurotransmitters (mainly dopamine, i’m not sure if it affects others) are sent to receptors throughout the body.

vanellope’s glitches are literally tics. she also seems very adhd-coded to me, and adhd is very commonly comorbid with tourette’s.

therefore, vanellope von schweetz canonically has tourette’s syndrome. just try and fight me on this.