@rafespeaks, @sparklermun, and @chocolingthroughthepixelands guessed what my last drawing was referencing (Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch) so as promised, here’s the context

basically there was this short for Mountains We Haven’t Climbed that i never wound up writing called “Rancis’s Sweet Race” which would have been an, uh, more canon-accurate version of One Sweet Race set in the Ghost Boy-verse. (seriously, the picture book is gorgeous, but it makes no fuckening sense.) honestly Turbo wasn’t gonna be in it that much and it was just Rancis going through a racing slump, thinking a new kart will help, crashing into fucking everybody and pissing them off, and then Vanellope helps him get his groove back.

but anyway at the very beginning of the short, a Random Roster Race has just finished up, Vanellope won and Rancis is in 12th place or some shit. he goes up to her and asks how she manages to win all the time, and she gives him a pretty normal answer about practicing and perservering. and then this happens:

(they work things out in the end ofc)

but yeah there you have it. a good friend knows when to hold you back, a best friend knows when to step away and let you hit a bitch.


.crystal princesses collection (part 2)

after the official disney princesses i started to draw my favorite girls from my favorite movies :3 some are disney, some are not :) if you think your fav is missing please don’t yell at me “you forgot xy!!!” as i did not, just these are the ones i like :) but i do take commissions if you would like to see her in this style, feel free to write me a pm :)

.please do not use without permission~

imagine if Jasper had been written like Wreck-It Ralph and the relationship with her and Amethyst was like Ralph and Vanellope

case in point: 

a couple reasons this would be endearing and also complex but also give Jasper a chance at redemption:

  • if you’ve watched the movie, you know how Vanellope is a “glitch”, a really good allegory in the movie for her being disabled and how people treat her because of her disability 
  • even RALPH does it
  • Ralph and Vanellope originally did not get along at the start of the movie but grew to have a close friendship where Ralph played an almost formal teacher role
  • Ralph is shown to be very good at what he does but still dislike himself very much and want to prove himself, driving his ambitions in the story 
  • Vanellope has a similar outlook on herself and looks to Ralph as a role model 
  • Ralph betrays her but he thinks he’s doing it for good reasons, protecting her and more importantly, himself– showing a major character flaw 
  • Vanellope calls him out on it and brings up his biggest insecurity, being a “bad guy” and it is a legitimately heartbreaking moment 
  • in the end, Ralph does the right thing on his own merits, does everything he can to make it up to Vanellope and apologizes 
  • not just that, he even reassesses his own ableism and encourages her to embrace herself and her differences 

there’s similarities in Jasper and Amethyst (and i’m going off of writer intention here as well because it factors in when correcting writing mistakes):

  • Amethyst’s size as it relates to her being disabled 
  • how Jasper is comparatively, the “correct” version of what Amethyst is 
  • how RS has stated that Jasper hates herself 
  • how we have seen that Amethyst hates herself
  • the way Jasper treats Amethyst for being disabled
  • how Jasper and Amethyst did not get along at first introduction

so imagine for a second that Jasper was the Ralph and Amethyst was the Vanellope in this scenario; Jasper would have had a character arc that explored not just her self loathing alongside Amethyst’s but gave actual reasons for Jasper to dislike herself, would have kickstarted her redemption arc in an interesting way that gives depth to both her and Amethyst, been much different from Peridot’s arc because she’s the Teacher and not the Student AND would have given a satisfying explanation as to why Amethyst no longer hates herself 


Shutocon 2017 - Photo Set 2

Not all from the same day. I went back for a second day, Sunday, and decided to reuse my Vanellope Von Schweetz cosplay from Youmacon. It was already in my closet, so why not? ^^ Spent time with some internet friends, played some DDR and Guitar Hero. Bought pins. So many pins… XD

Favourite photo of the weekend? Wilfred Warfstache and Deadpool, Titanic-Style. Lovely.