Vaneda: Try and Scare Someone

Your face was heated, you nose itched, and you were generally uncomfortable at this moment in time. Stupid anons. You had taken to painting the landscape again. You had already painted on five trees, twelve rocks, and had just Jason Pollocked the mountain with paint (not that you knew what that meant.). You had also done some major arm tattoing.

You now sat on one of the rocks you painted. Hair covered in colorful powder and flowers. This day was going pretty well so far you supposed. 

Then you heard someone walking through the area. Crap! If you saw them, who knows what would happen. You had to close your eyes and try to fly around and scare them off. You got up, and started zipping through the trees, trying to find the troll. Breaking branches and making noise, moving fast so they couldn’t get a good look.

Vaneda: Try to Paint Like You Used to

You were sitting outside again, Uacsec told you outside was good. Fresh air was supposed to help clear your mind or whatever. So, packing up a few art supplies, and making sure your bandages were on correctly, you went out. It still hurt to walk, your legs weren’t that used to carrying your weight, and had been cut up.

You still remembered where everywhere was, thank god old you had marked the trees. When you get to a clearing, you see a boulder right next to a tree with white bark. Good a chance as any, you figure. Walking over, you pull yourself onto the rock, take out your art supplies, and start painting. Keeping an ear out for anyone

εiз* * * * * I have a bad feeling about something…I dunno what it is, but I can’t shake it. * * * * *εiз

εiз* * * * * I think I’m gonna go paint. * * * * *εiз

[panicked deer noises]

*^^* Ok fIrst Off dId yOu mean tO send these tO me?
*^^* secOnd why are yOu sendIng these tO anyOne?
*^^* thIrd are yOu sure yOu’re Ok wIth me havIng these?
*^^* I saw the fIrst One and I’m assumIng theyre all lIke that

CW: εiз* * * * * Eep no! Not those anyway! * * * * *εiз
CW: εiз* * * * * I just thought you needed some doodle stuff and I was just gonna send regular poses!  * * * * *εiз
CW: εiз* * * * * Why did I even keep those pictures… * * * * *εiз
CW: εiз* * * * * I trust you not to send them to anyone, if that’s what you mean! * * * * *εiз

Vaneda: Right to the Point

εiз* * * * * What? Oh right, the coat… * * * * *εiз

εiз* * * * * Fuck-I mean, fuck…I’m sorry. It was sienna I think… * * * * *εiз

εiз* * * * * Ugh I can’t think straight! * * * * *εiз

εiз* * * * * Actually you know what fuck it. I have a question for you. You can say no or log off I just need to know because I just really need something right now. * * * * *εiз

εiз* * * * * How’re your pailing skills? * * * * *εiз

> Vaneda: Paint with All the Colors of the (Desert) Wind

You’d never felt so free. Flying around the desert without any obstacles in your way - excepting the occasional really high sand dune. You’d spent about and hour doing fun tricks and riding the heat columns. Man, you should come out here much more often.

Now comes the fun part. You take a few cans of spray paint, and your paint belt with pouches of different colors. You fly straight up, then dive, spreading your wings as you get a few feet away from the ground. You let loose the spray cans onto the sand. Flying around in circles, making swirls and different designs. You swirl up, making the spray paint get everywhere, even on your skin, and clothes - shorts and a tank top for this desert event.

After running out of spray paint, you drop the powder pouches, watching as they explode in clouds of color on the dunes. You continue this for another few hours, until you’re covered in paint, tired, and out of supplies. 

There’s gotta be an oasis somewhere, you saw one a while ago. Flying around, you almost land and decide to walk, until you see it, an oasis. A pond surrounded by a few trees. you flutter to it, and sit on the small patch of grass surrounding the pond. Dipping your hands in, you scoop out some water and take a sip before flopping back. Man, you really had to do this more often.

Vaneda: Don't move...Just Don't

Your back is on fire. You can’t even move an inch without feeling a searing pain, and you can’t even get the salve or painkillers you’ve been using - they’re on top of your dresser, oh cruel fate.

It’s been this way for a day or two. You’re hungry, but you think you can try and get something without having to disturb Uacsec. You’ve got to. So, you look up, and set yourself the goal of reaching the table.

You move one arm, hissing and gritting your teeth as you move along. You barely manage to reach the table, and lift yourself up to grab the painkillers, gritting your teeth harder. 

You’re just in reach, when the pain in your right shoulder gets to be too much and you fall…right on it. 

You cry out, and try to curl up, but that just makes it worse. So you’re laying splayed on the floor, holding back tears of pain. And, finally, you decide to call out.


freedomstuckfantrolls replied to your post:vanedas actually just kind of hiding. she doesnt…

if she called teneba then she’d probably have to explain it about 7 times before asking her if she’s sure she’s got no one who can help and *faint panicking dear noises*

shed just keep telling him that she doesnt talk to many people and congrats you’re it

before following it up with ‘but you can say no, if you dont want to!’

Vaneda: Fly around

That feeling still hadn’t gone away, it had been three days. Your gut was never wrong when it came to this. You’d listened to Uacsec, though, and had started taking your strife everywhere with you. It was still in your sylladex, but it was there.

You blankly start painting on the trees like you used to before you could fly really high. Maybe something like this would help. You sit there with your palette and brush, and paint a scene on one of the white barked Birch trees. They always had the best canvases.

Suddenly, you hear something. You take a small gulp and stand, turning around to study your surroundings. Wings fluttering out of nervousness.

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Ten to Van - "If you don’t rest, you won’t heal."

“It’s just a little bit of pain, I can handle it.”

>You say, continuing to paint. In actuality, your back was killing you and it hurt to paint. You should probably tell him that you needed your prescription before you were actually bedridden. Wait, shit you dropped the paintbrush…frickin hand spasms.

“Okay…so maybe I should lay down for a little bit. Do you have any asprin?”

Vaneda: The Hell just Happened?

Pain…blood…you can’t think straight.

Did you scream? You really can’t remember. Everything’s fading in and out and you can’t…you can’t focus. There was a ripping sound, and then…you can hear something trying to move along the floor.

You’re crying you think, hunched over on the floor. You can feel something seeping through your clothes and pooling slightly around your legs. How much blood have you lost in the past two months? Too much…hopefully this is the last time for a while.

Just in case you didn’t scream…you try and choke out your moirails name.


Vaneda: Please

You were sitting in the dining room, sketching away the most recent picture for your friend. He’d asked you to draw a deer with fangs, and you figured you’d play that up as much as possible. You were dressed in one of the outfits he had left for you in the treehouse, jeans, a longsleeve shirt, and some hightops. The jacket was hanging off the back of the chair, you used that rarely, since it was the nicest thing you had, the best present you’d ever gotten.

Your sister wasn’t here, currently, even though the house was a mess and stank like her gang had just been there. You knew you were drawing on borrowed time for the moment, so you tried to go and finish the basic sketch in relative comfort.

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Gives Vaneda a vibrator

>Vaneda: Just stare at it, holding it at arms length. Who on Alternia sent this to her? It wasn’t like she did it very often to begin with…and what the hell did it-

>She drops it with a squeak of shock when it starts vibrating, backing up a bit. It wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t that bad. Oh god it was moving across the floor.

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MAGIC ANON HERE, JUST STOPPING BY TO WISH YOU A HAPPY EVENING and to tell you that you are now in heat for the next 3 days OK THANKS FOR HAVING ME (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ*:・゚✧ ”*:・゚✧ ”*:・゚

(omg my first heat anon i feel so honored! and do you mean all the trolls? I’ll just choose the 4 main lines)

f-fuckin hell where the fucks vel i need to get ig out of my hive now

*unintelligible Vaneda squeaks*

fuck this me^ns more time off…respy~

*run bedenk. run for your life.*