Anon Summary: In which our reader is involved with Leonard Snart who’s having a hard time keeping his cold persona. Will our reader be able melt his cold heart?

Anon Request: Hellllooo big fan of you’re writing! youre prob busy so take your time getting this done! Could it be a Leonard x reader? Like they date for  awhile and then smut stuff and after he tries to be kinda tough but hes a softy and admits he loves her.  Fluff and smut please!!!!!  (or if you aren’t feeling the smut that’s ok too)

Warning: Smut, Fluff.


“Are sure it’s okay for you to go out?” You’re sitting on your queen sized bed, putting in your new diamond earrings that was just giving to you.

You looked over at your boyfriend as he steps out from the walk in closet, buttoning up his black dress shirt.

“I don’t see why. It’s not I’ve been running around freezing people lately.” He says, finding his dress shoes and picking up your heels.

You smile. “I know but still. Every time we go out, some CCPD cop randomly shows up and ruins our night.” You watch as Leonard sits down next to you, pulling on his shoes while you start rubbing lotion on your leg.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already talked with a good friend of mine.” He says, watching you while you give him a small smile. “Joe?”

“Joe.” He replies back simply before he moves off the bed, kneeling down in front of you, grabbing onto you ankle gently before slipping on your heel.

You can’t help but smile, watching Leonard as his hands move gently on your leg. You never thought you’d see yourself with the criminal, even after your first encounter with him.

You were invited to a New Years Eve party from your friend Iris. Normally you’d spend your New Years at home alone, with a few bottle of wine to yourself but this year has been the most exciting and adventurous year of your life.

At first you were just a regular reporter until the particle accelerator exploded and Central City was turned on it’s head. You’ve met Iris when she started at the job. You were both writing and interested in the new meta-humans that were roaming over Central City.

The first time you met Leonard was on an accident. You were doing your job as a reporter, casing a story about kids going missing and it lead you too a Russian mob, who caught you sneaking around.It didn’t take long before they had you tied up in a old chair near the dock.

You struggled but could barely move as the leader comes and sits down before you, holding up your cellphone before throwing it on the ground and stomping on it, causing you too look at your phone in shock since you had some much important information.

“Normally I’d go easy on you because you’re a woman but I’m not a fan of reporters and what do you know, you’re both!” The man says, rubbing a hand through his thick gel filled hair.

“Tell you what, I’d let you go if you become my woman?” He ask, flashing you yellowed tooth grin, his little friends laughing behind him. You made a face, smelling smoke and tuna on his breath.

“Thanks but, I think I’ll pass.” You let out.The man soon stand up and grab a hold of your hair and you let out a cry in pain from his tight grip. “You little bitch! You come sneaking in to my area and expect to not be punished for it!?”He cocks back his fist and you close your eyes tightly, waiting for the blow of his fist but nothing came.

You peaked open your eyes and gasp when you see him frozen in his spot and so are the rest of his friends.

“You’ve got a lot of balls to come up here by yourself kid.” You hear a voice from behind you while you feel the ropes around your body loosen up until you’re completely free.

You turn quickly and see Captain Cold as he stands up straight.


“I think your word you’re looking for is thanks.” He lets out dryly as he helps you up gently before he steps back from you. “Try to stay out of trouble kid.” With that, he turns to leave, leaving you standing there dumbfounded but you soon find your voice. “Thank you!” You call out.

Since then, you’ve been finding Cold helping you out whenever you’re in a pickle and you tend to find yourself in those a lot. You’ve only told Iris about your run ins with the criminal and she promised not tell anyone but it didn’t stop her from warning you about him.

You tried to listen but you couldn’t help yourself from falling for the cold criminal who made it his mission to keep you save. You finally had the chance to ask him why he goes out of his way to help you and he only said,“Lets just say, I’ve met you before and you kind of been stuck in my head.” Was his answer and it left you more confused.

Finally he explained too you what he meant after he showed you home and you let him in.

“I’ve met you at first when you were little. You were playing out on your families farm near the creek. You slipped and fell and hit your head. If I didn’t come across you when I did you wouldn’t be here now.”

You stared at him in shock, without thinking, you touch the back of your head, still feeling the small bump from when you did hit your head.The whole night he explained everything. From being a criminal to traveling through time to stop an immortal man hell bent on ruling the world.

If someone would of told you that two years ago you wouldn’t of believed him but since meeting Iris along with Barry who is the Flash who’s best friend can vibe and see the future. Anything is possible.

Since that night with Leonard, you’ve been seeing more and more of each other. He had a bad habit of breaking into your house and hangout there until you got home. He’d leave some times for a few days or weeks traveling through time and whenever he came back he had a new story to tell you.

The night you knew you were officially in love with him was when you came home from working late to Leonard waiting for you as usual but something was off about him. You can just sense it but it was confirmed when he reached out for you, pulling you on top of him and holding you close.

His lips were on yours in a matter of seconds and you were caught off guard because he never held you nor kissed you and yet here you were, sitting on his lap when his lips firmly on yours.

You were in your bedroom before you knew it and like they say, the rest was history. Later that night after you were both able to keep your hands off each other. He told you about his trip to the future in a few years now to see Central City burning, the streets filled with knowing but trash and bodies.

“I went to go look for Lisa and I figured that she’d be with Cisco but when I went to S.T.A.R Labs, I only found Cisco by himself.” Leonard says, looking up at the ceiling, one of his arms wrapped around you. “He told me everything. About my Caitlin, Iris, Barry…my sister…you..”You stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

“In the future, Vandle gets control and he had his army made up of metas to attack Central City. Barry was trying..he was doing good but..”

“But what?” You ask.

“But it wasn’t enough. Joe and Iris were killed and Barry went made. Caitlin tried to keep him calm but Barry ran too fast and Caitlin got caught in a speed force? I’m not sure, Cisco sounded kind of crazy he was explaining it.”

You bite on your lower lip and close your eyes, the thought of losing your best friends killed you. “And me?” You ask in a shaky voice. “What happened to me?”

Leonard pulls you closer to him as if you’ll disappear from him.

“You died.”


THERE WILL BE A PART 2!! I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging without posting anything but here’s the first part of this story. Stay tune for more. P.s., for all the readers that are of age, never work at a restaurant. You’ll never have a social life and you’ll never sleep!!

anonymous asked:

Hi Cute an advice to draw ghostonas? thanks for answer (⌒▽⌒)

Oh gosh, I am flattered that you would ask me! But I would love to offer what I have learned from my experience (plus it is really fun). I am going to assume that you are referring to making a skelebabe and not just a Ghost OC in general haha.

First thing is first- you want to set your character apart. Skeleton heads can all look the same and you might want to add something to spice it up a bit (of course you don’t have to do this. There are plenty of ways to make it stand out). Nothing too big or too much or else it will look silly. What you do to your skull can vary depending on if it is a boy or a girl or their personality. For Melodie I added engravings on her skull that resembled the eyelashes she used to have as a human. But for this we will make a boy. Your skull’s features can also reflect on their personality.

Next, for me at least, I figure out their body type and wardrobe. Sometimes I do the hair before the body or clothes- it really depends on which one I have an idea for first. I always try to make sure the hair goes with the type of outfit or the outfit goes with the hair. I want it all to have a similar style. Don’t want it to clash.

Now comes the hair! Don’t be afraid to try a few until you find one you like!

Once you have everything, put it all together and focus now on the colors. All of the MSA characters have their own color or color scheme. Lewis = pink/purple, Vivi = blue, Mystery = red, and Arthur = orange/yellow. For this character I pulled a picture of the Mystery Van and pulled colors from that as this character is essentially the van. 

Lastly, name your character! Often times I will pick out a bunch of names and write it next to the character and start removing ones that I don’t really think fit the character. With him however, I knew that I wanted to name him Vandle- cause…he’s the Mystery Van…hee hee…get it?

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: When designing a ghostona, it is always cool to take inspiration from other people’s designs but NOT TO COPY THEM. It is important to learn the difference with that. 

Anyways, I hope this was useful in some way!