"To Vanderheyden, an artist was like a scholar, but without intellectual boundaries. From the start, he presented himself as a researcher of the image, the perception and the relationship between these two. With his work, he tackles matters that are otherwise reserved for science or philosophy. He poses questions such as: How does an image arise?"
Source: ARTtube

JCJ Vanderheyden.Hemelboog (1992).

All rights are reserved. Photography by Peter Cox.
Now on show at the Rabo Art Zone in Utrecht, the Netherlands: Kindred Spirits

Fin des années 90, issus d’univers totalement différents, Serge et Carl se sont lancé un défi : faire renaître le clubbing et l’événementiel à Bruxelles. D’emblée, ils mettent sur pied la discothèque le Who’s Who’s Land en 1996, avant de constituer l’agence événementielle Beegroupe …