vanden high school

Shout out to the supporters out at Vanden High. Love the support from the few that know whats up! Allena just got a D-Y-N-O v.3, Teej with the custom, and Veronica & Noelle (who i just met for the first time today) out to talk and chill for a bit. 

Thanks for the support you guys! Especially Allena who’s like the queen of DYNO gear at that school haha.

And if you want gear like those 2 up top tomorrow in Vallejo or American Canyon, hit me up with a size and we can meet up as well!


Once again, big thanks to all of you who i met up today, you guys made my trip from vallejo to fairfield and back awesome.

It's the end of the winter season for guard & drumline. </3

No doubt, it has been one hell of a season. A lot of shit has gone down within each unit, between both units, and with everyone personally. But most of us have saved it for later, because we knew that we couldn’t be selfish, and ruin it for the others that actually want something other than everything revolving around themselves. Which is what this is all about. We’re a team; a fucking family. 

I love each & every single one of these girls on guard. And I’ve gotten soooo close to a lot of the boys on drumline. They have my heart for sure. And even the others on drumline, pit, etc. that I’m not super close with, I know that this season has still changed how we see each other, I know there’s an understanding that we’re still family even though we don’t usually talk.

And no matter what anyone says, Vanden Winterguard & Drumline are the best. We took home Champs in our hearts. Because our shows were Champ-worthy. & Idrgaf about anything else, because that’s all that matters.

I can’t believe it’s over, but this has been such a great season. Honestly, without this passion, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on to anything. 

Vanden High School Winterguard: Come Back To Me & Vanden Winter Percussion: Grimm. ♡