I revamped my old Homestuck Fantroll Vandel into a cute demon boy that ties coloured string to his tail to help him not forget things. (but he always forgets but he claims if he doesn’t, he’ll forget FOREVER)

His companion Netta (his former Lusus) is now a piebald Genet! She’s more affectionate and curious, but is startled by new people and has a life bond with Van. They always help each other out.

I wanted to upload this here because I’m probably not going to upload it to DA any time soon


I decided to combine all the animations into one sprite so I can upload it to DA without uploading separate images. well this is that!

It’s choppy and all over the place but I REALLY DON’T CARE………

Edit: there are some frames that also appear to have him doublelayered which is a mistake I DON’T CARE TOO MUCH TO FIX… it can be ignored. Plus I don’t have the PSD on me so there’s not much I can do