Catholic Church vandalized with upside down cross in Fresno, CA
From ABC30 Action News: FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) A disturbing discovery at a church in Fresno’s Tower District. Saint Therese Catholic Church was vandalized Wednesday afternoon.

While the intention was awful and it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing, the joke is on the vandals for putting the cross of St. Peter on a Catholic Church.  These people don’t even know enough about Catholicism to effectively mock it.

Say a prayer for the conversion of those who did this.  


Drunk dudes may have killed the world’s rarest fish

On April 30, three men shot through the locks and motion sensors of a security gate to enter Death Valley National Park’s Devils Hole, a 40-acre detached unit of the national park that’s a part of the Nevada’s Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Not only did they leave beer cans and vomit around the site, but one man swam in pool, leaving his boxers behind — and one of the world’s rarest fish, the Devils Hole pupfish, dead. There are so few of these pupfish left.

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