omgcp characters as things I've done
  • Inspired by @mrcrappyknight
  • Eric Bittle: Drunkenly stumbled into Williams Sonoma and cried about how pretty everything is
  • Jack Zimmermann: Stayed up until 4 in the morning watching funny moments in hockey games
  • Shitty Knight: Got high and vandalized all the stop signs in the neighborhood so they said "Stop Trump"
  • Larissa Duan: Ditched her friends mid-sentence because she got an idea for a painting
  • Adam Birkholtz: Stood on the table in a karaoke bar belting "Surfing USA" at the top of his lungs
  • Justin Oluransi: Threatened to murder his friends that keep trying to whip in public for no reason (read: Holster)
  • Chris Chow: Started crying when a cat he was holding put its paw on his face
  • William Poindexter: Got into a 3 hour argument of the correct pronunciation of the word 'caramel'
  • Derek Nurse: Got blackout drunk after senior prom and woke up wearing someone else's shirt (read: not his date's)
  • Whisky: Went to a frat party and said "no" to every boy that approached him
  • Tango: Walked around asking every person he came across if bears eat cows.

I was lucky enough to get Vandala Doubloons for my birthday~ She’s one of the dolls I’ve been really wanting TT u TT
She really had such gross box hair though.. So I had to quickly do her hair before I put her on display ;; But now she looks even more gorgeous than ever! I wish that I could have made the waves a bit bigger, but oh well~ She still looks really pretty like this ^ w ^