A Midsummer Night’s Heat

Jughead x Reader

Request: You and Jughead try to sleep on a hot summer night, but you keep complaining about the heat and don’t let him sleep.

Warnings: this is not really a warning but this is a Andrews!Reader

Word Count: 1,385

A/N: Guys look I wrote a thing! I hope you like the thing! Sorry for being trash and taking forever to write a thing! (it’s also not my best thing but I hope you enjoy it) (I seriously want to get back to writing more regularly ugh) (also I’m so close to 4k followers what the heck?)


“Are you sure that we are awake?

It seems to me that yet we sleep,

We dream.”

-A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare

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The group of 24 high school students had traveled the country for three weeks learning about civil rights, social justice and some of the darkest chapters in American history. They’d met with notable figures such as Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rev. Al Sharpton.

So when they came across a vandalized memorial to Emmett Till, the African American boy whose murder in 1955 helped galvanize the Civil Rights movement, they knew exactly what to do.

Read more here: When a memorial to Emmett Till was vandalized, these high school students stepped up 

Jerome Valeska x Arkham Doctor/Follower!Reader- Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

A/N: Words: 1,530. This was supposed to come out on Valentine’s Day, but I had so much homework I literally had no time. Enjoy!

Warnings: murder, language, guns, violence, mentions of rape

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“I know what you do at night.” A warm breath appeared on your ear. Of course it was obvious to you who it was. The white lab coat that you wore over your blue scrubs moved as you turned yourself to view the man who had whispered in your ear. “You go, and put on your little face paint hoping to catch my attention. By day, however, Doctor (L/N) you pretend that you want to fix me. You pretend to make me seem like my sanity is going back to what you folks refer to as ‘normal’, but, Sweetie, everyone knows there’s no way you can fix me. I’m not broken.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mister Valeska. I would never support such riots. Now, how are you doing today?” you replied refusing to look him in the eye.

“Now, Beautiful, I’m doing just fine. I wish I could leave out of this place, but life sucks sometimes. You know what would be great though? If you could help me to get out there! The reward that you’d get would be tremendous,” Jerome told you attempting to reach out to you, but his handcuffs preventing the motion.

“Showing signs of being a megalomaniac and a compulsive liar, is there anything else you’d like to say before I leave out of here? It’s almost time for me to go home for the day,” you reply beginning to feel frustrated at the man for somehow finding out about her nightly outings.

“If what I said was true bring me a Reese’s for our appointment tomorrow,” he mutters as you leave out the door. 

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This weekend has been eventful in Norway.

Last week there was a small campaign to promote a rock formation that is known as The Troll Cock to tourists.
Then some vandals with hammers and chisels managed to cut it down.

This is of course vandalism at a high level and the police are on the case to find the ones who did it.

Already there are plans to get the rock formation back up to its rightful position, and 100 000 NOK have been gathered in to help the Troll Cock raise up again.

And yes. Our news channels and papers are reporting on this very seriously.
Some bad puns are a given….

Title: The Search for Everything
Author: sweetkpopfan
Pairing(s): Mark/Donghyuck, Renjun/Jeno, Taeyong/Johnny, Jaehyun/Doyoung, Jaehyun/Mark
Rating: Teen
Warnings: mentions of smoking and weed, mentions of underage smut, tiny bit vandalism
Genre: High School AU, Road Trip AU
Status: Complete
Length: Multi-Chapter (18/18) [43,161]
Summary: Mark Lee is on his last year of high school, and he is going on a road trip with his best friend Jeno before they graduate. The thing is, they have to bring Jeno’s boyfriend Renjun, and they also encounter a stowaway who really should be anywhere but under the cabinet of a small sink in the back of their van.
This is a story of summer, long road trips, unwashed bodies, broken hearts, stupid mistakes, young love and growing up. Come join four boys as they journey on a search for everything.

Notes: Thank you once again to the anon that reminded me of this fic <3 This fic honestly made me very emotional. I didn’t have a grand road trip when I graduated from high school, but I know all too well those emotions of nearing the end of your “youth”, and “growing up”, and having such an uncertain future ahead of you. I imagine many of you guys have struggled with these conflicting emotions as well, or will in the near future. I wish you all the best in figuring things out to the best of your abilities. I hope you have a support group like Mark does here <3 This is another fic for the history books.

BH6 HeadCanon #579: Honey Lemon was bullied. You know, considering how optimistic, adorable and awesomely cute Honey Lemon is in Disney’s Big Hero 6, I have this headcanon that she wasn’t very confident and optimistic before. Back in middle school / high school, Honey was bullied by these “OHMYGOSHI’MSOFABULOUSLYCUTEANDCOOLANDYOU’RENOT” girls because she wore a really, cute dress to school and they immediately snap at her by stating “nerd girls can’t dress fashionably’. What’s even worse is that several guys would comment out that it’s awkward for her to dress like that go back to her slacks. It was until she met Gogo (let’s pretend that Gogo is the new girl at school) at high school that started to become more confident of what she wears and not determined by the school social status. Gogo was the one who told her to be what she was and not what people told her: “Woman up. They can’t handle you, then they’re wusses.”
And of course, when Gogo was thrown with insults, Honey Lemon struts to the bullies (and other naysayers) and yells: “You know what? I am proud to be a chemist nerd and wear high heels and dresses! If you have problem with us being ourselves, then talk to the face!”
WHAM! I dunno if her speech could get through the crowd, but it made them speechless. The insults did not stop, but at least it didn’t hurt Honey like it used to and Gogo was IMPRESSED.
Want it to be more tearjerking? Honey used to have a best friend who likes chemistry as much as her, but her BF believes that’s impossible for “nerds” to look fashionable and stays by the fashion rules of “status quo”. Eventually, her self esteem issues got into her when Honey introduced her new look. She cuts off her friendship because she believed that Honey went to the “dark side” AKA the “snobby, fashionable, popular clique”. It gets worse when Honey gets along with Gogo and admitted to SFIt while still looking fashionable. Honey’s former BF eventually became a San Fransokyo criminal who vandalized high-brand fashion stores and sabotages several fashion shows.
…aaaaaaand cue the end card.