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TL:DW Seventeen MV’s Edition

Adore U: Pledis was so scared that you would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of us, that they got the not so great idea to put a teeny tiny video of us in the corner where we mouth along to the song like we’re reciting nursery rhymes for 3 year olds. Fall in love with us as we go wild with the green screen and show off our bootleg designer fashionable white outfits.

Mansae: Why study when you can spend all day trying to impress chicks with basketball skills and ladder hide and seek? Featuring kinky face slap fetishes, the smell of fresh bleach and fried ends, the rise of the Visual Line, and Kim Mingyu having an amazing hairstyle, that to this day, was the best thing to ever happen to him.

Q & A:  Probs the fastest a subunit has ever formed. Three of them couldn’t keep up with their grades since they only chased girls and never studied, so now they have to make it up in their hot, but strict teacher’s class. Lots of rolling around floors and stylish glasses to compliment the bright and fun atmosphere of the song.

 Chocolate: This song is boring. But at least your eyes get a nice sweet treat in watching the Vocal Line ignore their studies (again) for a girl. Anddd of course they all got rejected because it wouldn’t be a Seventeen video if anyone actually ever got lucky in love.

Pretty U: The boys go hardcore, street cred tough, in this epic mini bad boy musical adventure. They vandalize property, wreck a restaurant, drive cars through buildings and cross the street without looking both ways….That’s what Carats tell themselves when they realize that this cutesy piece of fluff is the closest we’ll probably ever get to a dark concept.

아주 Nice: When you think that the China Line is going to rise from their graves and bring honor to their country, but they actually only get a line and a half as usual, and a center dancing spot, and you realize your hopes never should have went up. Lots of heart explosions and glittery deaths. Jeonghan pretended to know what rejection felt like and Wonwoo suffered silently just to make a great video for all of us.


Never grow up!

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