West Coast Spectaculars: Scenery and Social Skillz

Now say spectacular with a roll on the r. Spectacularrrrrrr. It’s hard huh? But spectacular is really the most accurate word I can use to describe the landscape of greater Vancouver between Christmas and New Years this year. For sure it rains a lot in Vancouver (that is an understatement). But when the sun comes out, everything is green and gleaming. It’s simply spectacular. Still, the weather is not that interesting to talk about for too long.

Totally Aside - This reminds me of the Ron James Show, have you seen it on CBC? Egad*, it’s really terrible. Out of boredom when I first arrived in Toronto, I tagged along on a hostel outing to the taping of his show at the CBC studios down the street. I swear, honestly, James told weather jokes for 2 hours. I hate feeling lobotomized, as I did after 2 hours (!) of intentionally bad comedy. I love you CBC, but I have to let you go.

So - West Coast scenery: good. And people? Maybe not. Within 24 hours of returning to Vancouver, I was reminded of that distinctive – dare I say spectacular? - ass-hole flavour of our social manners there. Case in point: My Dad and I were lined up in a store to buy a gift and the guy in front of us decided to walk out of the line. As the cashier called us up to the till, the shopper made a bee line across the room and placed his items on the counter. We didn’t say a word, the budger didn’t bat an eye.

Inside, my outrage boiled at his impudence. Was this his way of getting back at the universe for some wrong done unto him? Even worse was his denial that he had done anything less than his right. If someone in Vancouver were to actually apologize or admit they were being a passive-aggressive ass hole, I would be amazed. It seems we’re too afraid to call a spade a spade.

If you have too many ass holes in your life, may you take refuge in the beautiful scenery. Breathe some mountain air! (yeah, that’s me being an asshole) Lucky for me, il y avait rien des trous d'âne a nos fete de la Veille de Nouveaux ans. (roughly translated: there were no ass holes at our NYE party at the Media Club. But I don’t think I’ll be allowed in the Vancouver is Awesome blog anymore.)

* Common expression from the Archie comic world, used to emphasize distress.