So a buddy of mine, Ignacio, just created this MASTER-MOTION-PIECE for his final grad project at school.

Definitely worth a watch and HEY if you like it, give it a vote!


Faced with a constant state of isolation, a young boy is approached by a mysteriously familiar face with the promise of a better life.

My final hand drawn film made at Vancouver Film School!  Everything was animated digitally in ToonBoom Harmony. Headphones recommended for maximum effect! >:) 


Certainty Condition is a very impressive time, space and physics-bending first person puzzle game where you explore a strange mansion, solving inventive puzzles that reward lateral thinking.

Developed by three students at the Vancouver Film SchoolCertainty Condition plays with perspectives and scaling of objects to create a game that not only challenges your grey matter, but also looks fantastic.  Allthough the laws of physics are routinely broken throughout the game, there’s a prevailing logic which makes sense in its own kind of way - such as allowing you to rotate a whole room to reach something that’s on the ceiling.

Available to play in Oculus Rift or on a standard screenCertainty Condition is a triumph of game design, offering up great visuals and some particualrly mind-bending puzzles.  You don’t know anything for certain in Certainty Condition.

Play Certainty Condition, Free


A young witch embarks on an amazing adventure when she comes across a shooting star.



So sorry I’ve been MIA for a while
but I have just graduated and am proud to present my final film HAHAH XD
So happy its done
I hope you like it :D

On this Friday 10 Feb, one of our team, Mean who is a 3d modeler + sound engineer + main support will be studying abord in Vancouver, Canada.

She will be away for 1 year for Special Effect & Animation attending Vancouver Film School, Canada.

The departure time from Thailand will be around 5.00 PM, and we will be there at the Suvarnabhumi Airport around 2.00 PM, Gate Q/R. 

Although, one of us will be far away in this short time coming. The less will try to keep running our entity going forwards.

Farewell !

Edited: Updated the gate information.


A student animated film by Sarah Jolley from the Vancouver Film School. It’s a fun little clip that parodies silent film and Buster Keaton. It’s a lot of fun!



By Modmad (

Vancouver Film School

I got into Vancouver Film School. I have to decide by tomorrow morning if I’m going to go.

I just have to keep reminding myself that this is decision is not, “Do I want to work in the television industry?” but “Do I want to invest a year and a huge amount of money and a big move into finding out if I want to work in the television industry?”

And I think the answer is yes.