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Do you have the talk ment videos from the Vancouver concert??

I’m really sorry, these last days I’ve been really busy so I wasn’t able to update any stuff from Vancouver :c Today I’ll be finally free so I’ll start to upload things! Sorry for make you waiting :c

wait, wait, wait. let me get this straight.

since arrow, katie cassidy has…

filmed a talk show appearance with michael rosenbaum (apparently he’s trying to sell a talk show and that was what they did together with the zombie makeup), she did a video game, something in hawaii, filmed cover versions, flew back to vancouver to film some stuff for the shitshow formerly known as arrow, is currently in boston filming another movie, still has stuff to film for legends of tomorrow and possibly the flash, still has her tomboy kc blog/company, and she still goes to conventions whenever she can.

(also, while she is not actively working on it anymore, the movie she did with elizabeth henstridge just got an official poster so it should be coming out soon.)

and yet the olicity fans still want to say she’s jobless? lol that’s cute.

katie has literally not stopped working once. trust me, i think she’s going to be just fine without error.

i am just so mad and sad and exhausted from crying. I really just lost a lot of respect for this show. You all know how much i love this show for more than just Clexa….but they just killed off my all time favorite character and ship too. I am not doing so well. 

the vancouver stuff WAS to make us keep watching. that is why he wanted people to come see. i am so sad and feel so hopeless right now. I loved how progressive this show was….they should have NOT had the Clexa sex scene one commercial break before they killed her. I really don’t feel like theorizing or analyzing anything. i am just so upset. i really really am. I have invested so much time into analyzing and theorizing about this show….and this happens. I feel like the clexakru fandom is now going to disappear. The awesome tumblr community that has been built…is now gone. I am just really sad. really really sad.