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One of the last few Canadian beers I brought back from our holiday through the Pacific Northwest. This Jasmine IPA from Steamworks Brewing in Vancouver is one of the easiest drinking IPA’s I’ve had in awhile; a nice retreat from the usual San Diego hop bombs. “Bière Forte” however might be disputed by any true west coast IPA lover, but this isn’t really about alcohol percentages now is it? Jasmine IPA is a nice balance of both flavor and alcohol. And would do well against any SD SIPA.

It’s raining - not that that’s new for Vancouver, it rains more often than it does anything else. Shepard doesn’t mind. As a spacer kid weather is still sort of novel to him, especially the PNW downpours; right now, though, it fits his mood a little too well.

There’s nothing particularly wrong, nothing to cause this melancholy, this pointless sadness that’s like a deadweight on his shoulders that he just can’t shake. It’s enough to make him wish there was a reason for it; Shepard’s a man of action but there’s nothing to do here, no straightforward solution, no fix, easy nor otherwise.

He hears Kaidan come in behind him, hears the sound of him dumping bags and keys, hears hey, Shepard but he doesn’t turn - he doesn’t want to drag Kaidan down with him, doesn’t him to worry. But Kaidan knows him better than anyone, probably recognises this better than Shepard does.

He comes to sit with him, takes his hand, and after a moment asks,

“Is there anything I can do?”

The question is soft, quiet, and Shepard’s emotions twist in the face of it, gratitude and love swirled in with the sadness.

“Just stay.”

“Always,” Kaidan says, and kisses him, before resting his head on his shoulder, and they watch the rain, together.


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Day 1 and 2 - Mishaps and Travel

It’s finally here! My very first post from what David has deemed my ‘walkabout’. I was originally meant to leave on July 7th, but my body wasn’t on board with that plan and so I switched my flight to join my mother who was flying on the 8th to meet me on the 9th to journey to Victoria. Alas, this meant that Vancouver and I had only the briefest of rendezvous, mostly involving their airport (which is less an airport and more like what you’d expect from the entrance to a Disney exhibit: large, stylized, native looking birds and boats with running water and piped in animal sounds). After our 6+ hour flight, we just wanted some hot food and to collapse into bed and fight the jet lag. Fortunately for us, there was a Chinese restaurant a block away from our hotel. When we walked in and saw we were the only non-Chinese people there we knew we were in for a great meal, and they did NOT disappoint! Something called fried rice cakes, which seemed to be little coins of gelatinous rice, fried with bamboo shoots and greens…I swear it’s what dreams are made of. If I could figure out how to post a picture in my post I’d do so, but as I’m doing this from my phone I’m not sure that’s possible.

As I write this we are backing out of the ferry port from Vancouver en route to Victoria. The water is calm, and you can see mountains in the distance almost everywhere you look. More updates forthcoming, but for now I’m going to enjoy the ride!

I just went out to walk my dog before bed, and I heard a guy running on the other side of the street.
He yelled “you’re so fucking stupid” and then when I looked, I realized he was running with a backpack in his hands.
Behind him a girl tried to get to him, but she was wearing flip flops, which didn’t help.
I understood the guy stole her bag, so I tried to walk faster, and see where he was going, while the poor girl stopped by some people and asked for help.
They didn’t budge. Like, not at all.
Anyway, I ended up helping her, but all her belongings were gone.
All of that to say, Canada is great but this time around I find more and more people are assholes. I hope those people were tourists (that’s the freaking season), or didn’t get what she said because her English wasn’t really good… even if those aren’t excuses.
You should treat people the way you want to be treated, in my opinion. Make this world a better place.
I’m just saying.