vancouver photo

More Portal 2 Musical Photos!

You wanted more photos from behind the scenes, you got ‘em!

A (not-so-) quick pair of portals. It took a lot of effort to get those wheels on, let me tell you!

Mic check is clearly a very exciting time.

To succeed at Aperture, you gotta have the chops.

Ryan, our stage manager, keeps us on task. A Herculean effort, sometimes.

Ahhhh yes, the great coffee spill of ‘17.

The Animal King graces us with her presence!


Someone needs a hug and not a threat of stabbing.

Never one to blindly follow rules, Rick stares boldly into the operational end of the device.

Black Mesa scientists await their moment in the spotlight. Which will be promptly stolen by Cave Johnson.

Look at all these wonderful people!

This is how most of the “victory selfies” turned out.

I got a shiny hat!