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Supernatural Set Hunting and Snapshots

Found Supernatural on location yesterday and was fortunate enough to catch a little bit of filming. 

Practicing some “people photography” with a few snapshots of Jensen and Jared on set :) Should be episode 13.8

Sony a6300, Supernatural set, Vancouver, October 11, 2017


We all know that Once Upon a Time has countless mysteries but one of the biggest mysteries for me has been unanswered since the middle of SEASON FREAKIN’ TWO.

What mystery, you ask? THIS ONE.


Because look, it’s breakfast, right? Emma and Henry leave the diner in this scene because Emma is going to walk Henry to the bus stop. They both are drinking what I’m assuming is hot chocolate. Henry has what looks like pancakes or waffles but Emma?




I mean, I get that there’s no real difference between French fries and home fries/hash browns, but you don’t typically see crinkle cut fries being served at breakfast.

And I have always had countless questions about this turn of events. Like, I get why Emma would want French fries after returning from the Enchanted Forest, considering the dearth of McDonald’s and Burger King in the area. But I had always wondered if Emma like, begged Granny for an order of fries or if Granny’s actually serves French fries for breakfast..


Thanks to a certain set visit, I was able to take a picture of Granny’s menu and




The Vancouver Aquarium’s park board has just decided to ban all cetaceans from “captivity” at the facility

Congratulations Canada. You just lost your only cetacean rescue and research facility in your whole huge country, a facility which has saved many lives and done invaluable things for animals and the environment.

You decided to listen to propaganda and animal rights (anti-animal) activists, decided to hold a “public vote” on what KINDS of animals an aquarium staffed with ACTUAL EXPERTS should be able to keep, pressuring the idiotic park board.

Congrats. The next porpoise or baby whale washing up on the shores of Vancouver will have to die, because you chose to listen to people who ar against animals, and only for their own cozy feelings.

ID #57392

Name: Hannah
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello there! My name is Hannah and I’m spunky as hell. I currently live in Vancouver, Washington- just across the river from Portland- and I love it here. I’m passionate about art, hiking, rock climbing, photography, environmental sciences, and all things music. Please- talk to me about music! I proudly play guitar, piano, violin, and uke (some better than others). I love writing, and especially love meeting new people, so I’m excited to combine the two and make some new friends. Before I moved to Washington, I lived in Michigan, and before that, I lived in Texas. I speak some mediocre French, and do a bunch of accents as a party trick. Next year I will be attending Western Washington University to study Oceanography and environmental engineering, so feel free to bring that up if you’re interested. I have a passion for helping people, and will never cease to insert poetic irony into everything. I am guaranteed to doodle a bunch of flowers all over the letters I send, and will probably insert some sappy poetry quotes as well. Maybe a polaroid or two every now and then… I’m looking for someone to tell stories to and share all kinds of advice with. I’m a great listener. Very excited to see who I get to talk to. :) 

Preferences: Anybody really, just no one creepy.


Erik Gudbranson: The LGBTQ community is a huge part of our fanbase. Ya know, obviously, this is something that we want to come support as well, and cheer them on for the day and for years to come. 

Jake Virtanen: A lot of these people in Vancouver support us and ya know, they give us the best support, watching our games, and no matter what they help us out. So I think coming down and supporting this is a great thing to do, and ya know, Guddy coming out as well, it’s pretty cool. 

Gudbranson & Virtanen at Vancouver Pride Parade

With All My Heart - Part 8

Word Count: 3003

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Medical Situations

A/N: Tags are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome and encouraged

With All My Heart Masterlist

“You sure you’re gonna be ok with me gone?” Jensen asked for the 500th time. He was packing his bag to leave for PhoenixCon and while you didn’t really want him to go you knew he couldn’t disappoint the fans to stay behind with you.

“Yeah, it’ll be fine.” You reassured, wrapping your arms around him from behind and resting your head against his shoulder. “Emma will be here and Gen is gonna come by when Emma has to work so I’m pretty much covered. Plus, the dogs will keep me company.” You glanced over at Oscar and Icarus, who were both staring at you intently.

Jensen spun in your arms and put his arms around your neck, checking your face to see if you were lying. “Sorry the doctor said you couldn’t go. I really thought she’d say yes. You’re doing so well.”

“Yeah. Me too.” You sighed. “Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me on Twitter and stuff about singing since I did it in Rome. I was actually kinda hoping I’d get to do it again…”

“Wait.” Jensen stopped and blinked, pulling away from you while he continued to pack his clothes. “You actually…were planning on singing with me? Like on stage?”

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@aglionbycrewnet: get to know the members + elizabeth
→ fav gang or group: the vancouver crowd

they were people gansey knew: henry, cheng2, ryang, lee-squared, koh, rutherford, sicksteve. but here, they were different. at school, they were driven, quiet, invisible, model students, aglionby academy’s 11-percent-of-our-student-body-is-diverse-click-the-link-to-find-out-more-about-our-overseas-exchange-programs. here, they slouched. they would not slouch at school. here, they were angry. they could not afford to be angry at school. here, they were loud. they did not trust themselves to be loud at school.

I kind of wanted to address the assertion that having Asian people living in North America is whitewashing, because that kind of attitude is what contributes to things like this:

And my friend being complimented on how well he speaks English, even though his family has been in Canada since before Canada was Canada, or my sister-in-law being told she’s ~exotic~ because she’s half Chinese, or my brother and sister being told, “I knew you were ~something~” when people find out their grandmother was Japanese.

Whitewashing is a huge problem. Lack of representation is an ENORMOUS problem. People of Asian descent living in and being culturally integrated into North America is not whitewashing. Pretending that they don’t exist in North America outside of first and second generation immigrants is whitewashing.

There is a pervasive idea that everyone in North America is white, and that’s the excuse Hollywood uses to avoid actually casting Asians in anything, so maybe we should stop reinforcing the idea that Japanese people can’t be from Ohio? Because my Japanese (step)grandmother was from Vancouver, and I’m 100% certain it isn’t whitewashing to say that, or to say that her favourite musician was Elvis.

It’s really important to think of issues as a global thing, and how your ideas could affect people who live in those places, rather than just how they affect people overseas. The world is not black and white.

Starting out with the intention of becoming reacquainted with my self-portraiteur and accidentally ending up taking outfit photos; which I have rarely ever done.

Getting to know my body as it is now… More disabled and much smaller than before, I feel like a stranger some days. Simultaneously learning to shed shame and embarrassment of doing things that make people stare. Even when I appeared fully able-bodied I struggled with this. Far too much scrutiny on the individual, at the same time, much of it is self inflicted.