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The Vancouver Aquarium’s park board has just decided to ban all cetaceans from “captivity” at the facility

Congratulations Canada. You just lost your only cetacean rescue and research facility in your whole huge country, a facility which has saved many lives and done invaluable things for animals and the environment.

You decided to listen to propaganda and animal rights (anti-animal) activists, decided to hold a “public vote” on what KINDS of animals an aquarium staffed with ACTUAL EXPERTS should be able to keep, pressuring the idiotic park board.

Congrats. The next porpoise or baby whale washing up on the shores of Vancouver will have to die, because you chose to listen to people who ar against animals, and only for their own cozy feelings.


some photos i took at vancouver’s anti-trump protest tonight.

it felt so empowering to be surrounded by people who were just like me, and as it was about 90% young people, i felt even more empowered. 

remember how important it is to stand up for what you believe in. don’t just think this is america’s problem. this is a world issue, because as the human race, we absolutely cannot let this happen. remember to use your voice and together we stand united. <3

  p.s please don’t take my pictures unless you give me credit, and the wonderful fist up there belongs to my friend @rumi-thealien

Also, friendly reminder that during one of the takes for the deancas graveyard hug scene, Jensen felt that Dean would touch Cas’s face after their hug.

Friendly reminder that most of us will never get to actually see that take happen.

Starting out with the intention of becoming reacquainted with my self-portraiteur and accidentally ending up taking outfit photos; which I have rarely ever done.

Getting to know my body as it is now… More disabled and much smaller than before, I feel like a stranger some days. Simultaneously learning to shed shame and embarrassment of doing things that make people stare. Even when I appeared fully able-bodied I struggled with this. Far too much scrutiny on the individual, at the same time, much of it is self inflicted.

Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that mid-scene, it just started snowing in Central City? Gotta love Vancouver :))


Norvan Falls

One thing that I absolutely love doing, but don’t seem to do it enough, is to play around in nature’s refreshing pools when it’s really hot out. I went for a hike with my cousin will she was visiting from Germany, and we were able to have Norvan Falls to ourself for a brief moment and then when all the people arrived we found a quite pool along Lynn Creek.