vancouver bar

anonymous asked:

MANY Mi/ar/rens were expecting a proposal on VDay. Literally.

Yes.  A proposal. Perhaps darren skyped her from the bathroom in the bar in Vancouver while she was running around entertaining bennie half naked and popped the question.  Romantic indeed.  

Proposal?  Seriously why are they not listening to Darren. They claim to be his fan. But they have selective hearing that is for sure. Only hear what they want.  If it’s contrary to their ship they hold their hands over their ears and close their eyes. Which is happening frequently as Darren is talking a lot lately.  

Seriously people. Listen to Darren. He’s giving you tons of warning. I thinks he’s trying to be merciful so when it’s time it doesn’t hurt as much.  But it only works if you pay attention to the man you claim to adore and admire. 

I got my first camera because I loved portrait photography. I still love it exceedingly, so I tend to take a lot of face close-ups when shooting shows.

Clemens “Ardek” Wijers of Carach Angren became my inadvertant and impromptu victim last Sunday at the Red Room Ultra Bar in Vancouver and I like how it turned out. I might share those live portraits more often.