vancon castiel

Here’s my photo with Jensen and Misha! DO NOT REPOST OR EDIT ME OUT WITHOUT PERMISSION

I bought this op when I got to the con honestly just so I could meet all three of them- I was already getting photos with Jared, and Misha in his Cas outfit, and I didn’t want to leave without meeting Jensen too- Dean is my favourite character after all. Misha said hello to me and asked me how I was doing then after that I asked them if we could do a sandwich hug and Jensen said “Yes we can!” and gave me a big hug. They were both really sweet, and I actually ended up getting two photos. I had started to walk away but in the first photo I had a bit of hair in my eye and Jensen grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back into him and said “One more time” and let me tell you that man is STRONG. Then I said thank you to them and Jensen gave me a warm smile and kept eye contact with me as I walked away which, as anyone who has met him knows, eye contact with him is an intense experience. He is also the most attractive person I’ve ever seen in my life- he’s somehow even better looking in person! In the first photo Misha had his hand on mine but he got in at the last second for this one. They were both really nice and I’m so glad I got to meet them and can’t wait to meet them again in the future!

Also, I won’t wear any highlight on my forehead for the next con lol


Misha Collins @ VanCon 2017 - FULL Panel

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