vancon 12


Mark Pellegrino singing ‘Sweet Transvestite’ at VanCon 2012

I don’t know if this is better than Big Balls of Fire from A8 or not. 

(Sidenote: Matt Cohen looks like a chidren’s entertainer at Butlins and Richard looks like a matador.)

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Top 5 Jared Pics BUT AS A MODIFIER - convention pics AND no beanie. *laughs evilly*

top 5 Jared Pics (minus the beanie):

Dallascon 12 Credit and Edit 

Jibcon 12 Credit and Edit

Vancon 12. Credit and Edit

Riocon 12. Credit and Edit

Aecon 2. Credit and Edit

The people liveblogging the vancon panels are actually amazing. Like if I ever somehow ended up at a Supernatural panel I wouldnt be able to liveblog, none of my updates would make sense and Id be too busy laughing/crying/flailing. So congratulations to the people who managed to make coherent posts all the way through J2s panel because it was awesome. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

full-length supernatural convention panels reference list:

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