Our Mishalecki photo op. We decided to wrap precious cinnamon bun Misha Collins (too good for this world, too pure) in bubble wrap so that he could no longer be hurt and Jared liked wrapping Misha up way too much, he kept giggling and yelling"MORE MORE" and spinning Misha in circles to apply more wrap like a giant puppy man child before going to town on popping the bubbles. We took the pic and then Misha strong armed his way out of the bubble wrap, leaving bits of bubble wrap everywhere for us to clean up. Jared stopped me on the way out to thank me for the fun and I think my heart stopped. We were all dying of laughter the entire time, one of my favorite ops.
*Please don’t reupload anywhere else or edit us out thanks!*


I just can’t imagine any other two actors playing these characters and the show lasting as this long. One of the main reasons I stick with Supernatural even when it disappoints me sometimes is because of these two guys. Their friendship is so amazing and they give so much to the fans that I feel a loyalty towards them and to the characters they play. Does that sound weird?

And that last look they share - that pretty much sums it all up