vancent von schweetz

Vancent Von Schweets voice test

Hello! This was just a quick test I did back around December 3rd. I’m trying to audition for Wreck-it Broadway TM. I find it kind of difficult to make a 16-year old voice sound like he’s 12. My friend said I was too nasally. Though listening again to Sarah Silverman’s voice, I realize it’s more of a cross between an actual 9 to 12 year old and someone pretending to be a 9 to 12 year old. My interpretation has changed since this but I still need more practice before I can audition. I want it to be that best I can be and any input would be great. I’ll post a more recent one later in the week. Anyway, I drew a picture of Vancent I think the same day. I’ll post it soon. One day, I’ll hopefully be able to post an audio clip and a picture on one post. Hope you like it!

[ EDIT: BEWARE! IT’S KINDA LOUD! Sorry headphone users, I sort of forgot. ^^;]

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