vance legacy

Alyx crossed her arms and let out a deep sigh. “Well, I guess my jacket is just community property now.”

Even though it was only the second time she had come to her room and found someone holding her jacket like a stuffed animal, it felt like the millionth. She and that jacket had spent long years together and they had looked after each other through thick and thin! The jacket had seen parts of her no one else knew! The jacket fortified Eli Vance’s legacy through the world he had fought so hard to change!

Alright, maybe that was all a little dramatic of her to feel. But still. It would have been nice to be able to immediately pick up and wear her jacket after getting dressed in the morning.

“I mean, come on, Bonnie. If you wanted something to hug, I would’ve gotten you another jacket, or an actual stuffed animal. Or, hell, even Yung! You practically used him as a teddy bear already.” Alyx slapped a hand over her face and slowly dragged it down.

Bonnie just stared at her with those huge, doe-eyed, murderer eyes.

“Okay, okay, fine. Hug the jacket. See if I care.” She flung her hands into the air and sighed again, turning away. “But if you make it smell like you, or still have it when I come back tonight, I’ll…”

She’ll nothing. Bonnie could probably break her in half. Alyx trailed off and grumpily walked out of her room.


Timer Jump –> Gen 3: Lydia, Robyn and Adam

Robyn’s bakery took off - she know owns a small franchise. She and Adam are still happily married, Adam now being a fully fledged politician and part-time writer. Lydia is perhaps less fortunate than her twin, and still lives at home with her parents; mainly because she wants to be a comedian and it’s a gig that doesn’t pay much. Yet, she still gets by - content on at least having a key to her sister’s apartment so she can escape when she needs to.

Despite being spit up on, Derek loves being a father to all of his girls. 

I had always hoped that the Vijayakar’s would end up with a son to carry on their awesome last name, but it was not meant to be. Instead, he ended up with five beautiful girls who absolutely adore him. After five, Derek and Olesia decided that it was time to get on the pill, so unless any accidents happen, Alice is the final Vijayakar child. Maybe that is why Derek dotes on her so much.