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If you accept nsfw prompts: "I sent a really sexy nude to the wrong person and they went along with it" au (if you don't it's cool, and any ship)

I apologize at how long this took me to reply too and I tried to not make it too much NSFW because I’m still a bit shy when it comes to writing it. But i hope you like it :) (also let me know if there are any mistakes)

And I played it a bit safe with this ship because this is my first time writing them and I wanted to kind of feel it out because their relationship would be a bit different in my opinion compared to other ships. And I also had to add a bit of Brian + Evan bonding time because we rarely get fics with these two interacting alot tbh. I imagine their relationship to be quite alot of yelling and calling each other rude nicknames but still having a strong bond. 

“I triple dog dare you.”

Evan crossed his arms over his chest defiantly, smirking as he saw Brian hesitantly reach for his phone. He looked on as Brian furrowed his eyebrows, reaching his hand up to wipe off the beads of sweat that had gathered on his forehead. After a few seconds of staring at his phone, his thumbs began to fly across the keyboard and every now and then he would look up at Evan, casting him a hard glare before focusing his attention back to his phone.  

A minute later Brian turned his phone towards Evan, muttering that he had done it before sliding it over towards him. Picking it up, Evan clicked on the twitter app, watching it as it loaded up. The first thing that popped up on the screen was Brian’s tweet stating his love confession to Brock, for all of his followers, including Brock, to see.

“I can’t believe you actually did it.” Evan said in disbelief, still looking down at the phone. He personally didn’t think Brian would have the guts to go through with the dare.

Brian narrowed his eyes as he pointed a finger at him. “And I can’t believe you actually dared me to do that ya fucking prick!”

Chuckling, Evan slid the phone back towards Brian. “You’re the one who chose dare, remember?”  He replied teasingly.

“And you’re the one who has to go next, remember?” Brian retorted, smirking. He was going to get back at Evan in the worst way possible. “Now, truth or dare?”


Brian paused for a few minutes to think, wondering what he could ask Evan that would be embarrassing.

“Do you have feelings for Tyler?”

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Tips for being a foreigner in Korea

kissaholics recently sent me an ask about some general advice on living as a foreigner in Korea. Here is some of the things I learned that will make your lives easier if you are thinking about it!

Chill out
Don’t worry too much.  Seoul is extremely accommodating to foreigners and pretty much every sign is in English.  There are subway stations EVERYWHERE with nice little maps so if you ever find yourself lost just wander around until you find one and you can very easily ride the subway back to safety.

Learning the Language
I learned Korean at Seoul National University’s Language Institute.  It was a little bit pricey (I think about $1,500 per 10 week course - there are 6 levels in total) but it was WELL worth it.  I know a lot of foreigners who have been living in Korea for years (usually as English teachers) and still don’t have a good grasp on the language. Most major Korean universities have programs like these that go weekdays from 9am - 1pm. Do it. It is so much easier to motivate yourself to learn a language when you are immersed in it. Seriously do it.

Meeting Korean peeps
It was very hard to meet Korean students in school since my language institute was obviously pretty much all foreigners. I didn’t make any Korean friends until I started attending a dance school which was completely outside of my University.  At first it was completely terrifying being the only white girl in the whole place, but since I was such a novelty it was actually easy for me to make friends.  My friends at my dance school made me WAY more comfortable speaking korean too since none of them spoke English and I pretty much had no choice.  This is probably one of the best choices I made. Do not hesitate to get outside your comfort zone.

ALSO if you have Korean friends they will take you to delicious food places that you would probably have never known about or been brave enough to try before. This is important. Korea has amazing food but a lot of it is not very accessible if you don’t know where to look or are too intimidated to go alone (believe me I know that feel).

Being visibly foreign
You probably won’t get people stopping on the streets and openly pointing and gaping at you, but people will talk about you when they think you can’t understand, sometimes old men will strike up a conversation with you on the train. It happens, it’s a little awkward, and some days you will wish you could just blend in.  But the reality is if you are visibly foreign (ie: not of asian descent) then you will stick out.  Some days I hated this, but I also learned to use it to my advantage.  Korean people are very nationalistic and if you make an effort to speak their language with them and tell them how much you love Korea they will treat you VERY well.

Options on getting a visa
Hope that assuaged some of the concerns you might have! Now that you feel good about life in Korea how are you going to stay there for a long period of time? Here are some common ways that are accessible to a lot of people:
-Student Visa: This was how I first went to Korea.  You can either apply for an exchange program through your University, or sign up for a language program through a Korean University (usually the only requirement for this is that you graduated from high school)
-Working Holiday (H1) Visa: This is the Visa I will be holding when I move back to Korea next week.  Basically you can stay for up to a year and work to supplement your travel.  Unfortunately it is not renewable so after a year if you want to stay you need to find another way
-Tourist Visa: depending on the country you hail from, you can usually stay up to 90 days without a visa. If you are Canadian you can stay for up to 6 monthes whaaat
-English Teacher: I think this is the most common way that most foreigners live in Korea.  The Korean government offers some programs for placing English teachers (EPIK, TALK), and you can also give your resume to a recruiter.  This is someone who will basically look for jobs for you that fit your qualifications. (Note you DO need to have a Bachelor’s degree to qualify for this visa)

HOPE THAT HELPED.  If anyone has any questions just PM me <3 I would be totally happy to answer any specific questions!

i might go to WrestleMania in April. (:

but we would fly to Tampa and stay for a night or two first to see my Grandfather’s grave and do some sight seeing. then drive to Miami for the weekend for WrestleMania. 

but it’s not definite but, i hope this plan works. my brother has to agree to it and we have to make sure my mom has enough vacation time.

and omg, i need to get me like 200 dollars so i can go shopping at Dash Miami!

within the first few weeks after i finish school, i’m just going to disappear for a few days, just drive some where to get away from everything from this place i call home. i’ll just shut off my phone and drive and stay somewhere and just relax and not feel pressured or stressed or feel like i need to help someone else out besides myself. i need help. and i need to start helping myself. i keep putting every one and everything before myself. and i’m done with that. i get nothing back in return except pain, suffering, and a feeling of regret.