VanCon Castiel Photo Shoot Set #2 of ?

Here you guys go! As a celebratory way to kick off 3,000 followers!

The more notes, the quicker you get more and we get to the best photos. And believe me, they WILL blow your mind.

Castiel - Matt (

Photographer/editor - Nic (

PS. Check these out enlarged. The resolution is fantastic!


VanCon Castiel Photo Shoot Set #7/7

This is it! The final photo set from our shoot in September. Hope you see something you like.

Within the next little while, I will be uploading a video to celebrate breaking the 4000 follower mark as well :)

As usual, if you want to see more things like this, make sure you reblog; let’s get all of tumblr to see!

You can find Castiel here and the photographer, Nic, here. 

You can also see the other six photo sets and the Laundromat Castiel set by clicking HERE.

Thanks for being such awesome followers :)


Van Cas


VanCon Castiel Photo Set #3/7

To celebrate 3000+ followers and the TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF SUPERNATURAL, I offer up another photo set with me ( as Cas and my amazing friend Nic ( behind the camera!

Also with four sets left, I’m going to reveal that our 7th and final set (with some of the most amazing pictures I’ve been privileged to be a part of) will be released on Halloween ;)


Van Cas


Vancon Castiel Photo Shoot Set #1 of ?

Hey everyone! This is it! No more teasers! Finally the photo shoot pictures! Thanks to my awesome photographer Nic ( for capturing some great shots of me ( as Castiel.

We’re happy to bring you the first glimpses of the Castiel I will be bringing to life, thanks to the amazing gang at RP WhaBam, in our web series based on everyone’s favourite fallen angel.

And thanks to my followers for their endless support :) Can’t wait to post more!


Van Cas


VanCon Castiel Photo Shoot Set #6/7

Howdy Tumblr! Here’s the penultimate Castiel photo set featuring Matt as Castiel. Photos by Nic.

Our final set will contain the best (and most awesome) photos from our shoot! So we hope you’re excited!

Also I will be uploading the LAUNDROMAT CASTIEL Photo set this weekend :)

As always, the more reblogs and likes, the more we’ll do!


Van Cas

4000 Followers! Castiel Web Series! And more!

Hello you wonderful sexy people! So as of last night we are officially over 4000 followers and I am all the stoked right now. We have already figured out what we’re gonna do to celebrate but you’re gonna have to be patient again :P

Speaking of patience, I appreciate how much you’ve had but the Laundromat Castiel Photo Shoot pictures may take another day or two. Our editor is still hard at work on them and I don’t want her to have to settle; when she thinks they’re perfect, they’ll be on your dashboard :)

Finally, me and the RP WHABAM crew have finally begun scrip drafts for the first episode in our Castiel mini series. We got a lot of work done today and we couldn’t be more excited :)

Much love and thanks for your continued support,

Aftermath of my best friend seeing the Laundromat Castiel Photos
  • Me: Lol I see you saw :P And thanks.
  • Me: Yup. It was. Just be thankful those underwear were on backwards. The flap on the front had no buttons so everyone woulda seen my cockstiel.
  • Friend: LMAO. FRICK. NO. DO NOT. COCKSTIEL. /jumps out window