So, since I’ve finished high school, and have no intention of going to college immediately, I have to much free time, and thus, I made a tutorial on how to make a simple folder for holding all of your drawings :3 So, here you go~
Materials needed for this little adventure c: (scissors, scalpel, a big notebook with hard covers, three pieces of cardboard, paper glue, super glue, tape, an eraser, a pencil and a ruler)

So, first you need to get rid of the papers in the notebook, and you can see on the picture where to cut it, and you will cut it along the whole length of the notebook

Now, you’ll need three of these thingies that will prevent whatever you are keeping in the folder from falling out c: (I am sorry, English isn’t my first language, so I have no idea what those are called).

You need two small ones and one big one, for the small ones you’ll use the bottom part (when the cardboard is flipped vertical) of one (A4 is best) piece of cardboard, and you’ll make marks like this

Draw the lines like this

Then just cut out two pieces and fold them :D

The process of making the big one is the same, except for the new piece of cardboard you will use will be flipped horizontally

And again you fold it like the small ones :3
Now, a quick thing, you’ll take the superglue and cut out a a strip of cardboard do put on the inner part of the notebook’s spine, so that the folder wouldn’t be completely flat, and so you would cover up the ugly part left from removing the papers :‘3

(I suggest you take the measures of that one into your own hands ;3)
Now grab the super glue again, and if you want to, take the paper glue, and put something to decorate the inside of your folder, but more importantly

First glue the big strip, and then the two little strips

See how they are a bit over the edge of the notebook?

That is so that A4 sized paper could perfectly fit :3

And that is it :D Now you have a place to store your drawings without having to spend money on it c:
Thanks for reading, and sorry for the long post, I love you all ♥