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Today on: “Homeboy Did Not See That Coming”


I just wanted to point out that these right here are my two favorite frames of the whole scene, maybe even the whole episode. Mostly because, you look into her face and see a whole different countenance. This isn’t the crazy luscious look she carried to Dorian’s bedroom, nor the lost look she had with the guy on the alley right after the séance, not even the depraved attitude she held with Mina’s fiancé. This is pure, this is innocent. The way that, in a fraction of a second, she looks at him and then touches his head with no signs of anything but a growing love in her eyes, the same way you look like coming home after a long time. Even though they both lost themselves during the kiss (who can blame them?), she goes back to this state of blissful purity when they lean in for the second kiss and her face looks peaceful the whole way through their lips touching again, that’s until her fears strike back.

THIS is how you otp, people.

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So this is my so long overdue first follow forever. It’s been basically a year since I’ve started being active here in the OUAT/CS fandom and I’ve met truly incredible people. In order to acknowledge that and to celebrate the Holiday’s spirit, I’m finally posting this! Those are all wonderful people and everyone should be lucky enough to follow/know them as I am :) I’m sorry in advance if I forgot someone, which I most likely did.

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