Okay last one for today, just me rambling about Blizzard not giving Demon/Oni Hanzo horns and big pointy teeth like Onis usually have in most media, tho I made the vanilla version of only giving him prominent lower fangs, instead of him have both, but thats just me being weak and unable to make it look good orz.

also Werewolf McCree is my jam still, like….. werewolf curse Van Hellsing McCree….come on Blizzard, dont be like that.

McCree in the Halloween Event IS a Werewolf!

Let me elaborate!

1: The story he talks about a hunter, who realizes he was bitten on the arm by a werewolf.

2: His costume is that of a werewolf hunter. Specifically Van Hellsing from the Van Hellsing movie.

3: In said movie, Van Hellsing gets bitten by the brother of the main female character and transforms into a werewolf!

4: I am gonna lose my shit! Do you think he’ll have a new animation/voice line when he goes for Deadeye?! Maybe it’ll be called Wolfeye! Maybe there’ll be a howl! Maybe he’ll say “It’s Fuuuuuuuuull Mooooooooon!”

bigfanofpuns  asked:

It's always nice to visit other fandoms. Besides Gotham, is there any other TV show or something that you recommend?

Hoo boy here we go, there’s so many I recommend;

Teen Wolf
The Flash
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Van Hellsing
2 Broke Girls
Big Bang Bang Theory
Man with a Plan
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Stranger Things
Shannara Chronicles
Mortal Instruments

There’s a lot more but hope that’s enough to recommend for now!