Stockholm Syndrome: Part 1

Michael Clifford Imagine

Trigger Warning: Violence, Kidnapping

Part 2

“You know what I don’t get?” You asked.
“What don’t you get?” Your best friend replied.
“I don’t get how our professor thinks that we can write five fucking papers! All of them due on Monday!” You said with a huff, throwing your hands up in the air.
“I know y/n, I know,” She patted your shoulder, “At least they’re not like 1000 words right?” She said, trying to look on the bright side.
“I just don’t want to do them,” You replied groaning, covering your face with your hands and tipping back onto the couch of your shared apartment.
“Y/n, they’re not even hard, you’re just being lazy.”
“You’re right, I am being lazy, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still don’t want to do them!”
“Whatever, it’s your grade,” She said turning on her laptop. She was sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor in front of the coffee table that was currently your footrest from where you sat on the couch. “Y/n could you please not put your feet in my workspace.”
“No,” You said defiantly, putting your foot near her face, “You love them.”
“Y/n!” She said exasperated, getting up and going to a different spot.
“I need to do these! Let me work, you may not care about your grade but I do!” She said angrily.
“Alright… I’m sorry y/f/n, but can we please go out somewhere. It’s a Saturday night. Let’s go out with the gang and just have a good time forget about school and then tomorrow, we’ll work extra hard all day on them no distractions.” You could see her pondering over the idea, the gears in her head turning and then rewinding and turning again
“Tomorrow for sure?” She asked hesitantly.
“Tomorrow for sure.” You said sounding firm with a smile on your face. With a sigh, she nodded her head yes as you jumped up and down.
“Alright, well where do you want to go?” You questioned your friend who looked very stressed out.
“I don’t know,” She responded and then suggested, “Somewhere where we can relax?” 
“We could go out to eat? Or go to the movies?”
“Nah, I don’t really want to go out to eat.” 
“Well, then where do you want to go?” You asked her.
“I don’t know maybe a coffee shop? I’m just not mentally prepared enough to go out anywhere that’s loud and crazy. I just want to get a coffee and relax.” You could see how worn out your friend was, as it was finals week and she had been revising like crazy.
“Okay, we’ll go to the coffee shop down the street,” You said smiling. She smiled, grateful that you chose her idea. You grabbed your bag before walking out the door, your friend bringing her backpack as well.
Once you guys had arrived at the coffee shop, you ordered your drinks and sat down. Your friend pulled out her laptop plugging it in and turning it on.
“No y/f/n!” You whined. She looked up at you, looking like a deer caught in headlights. “No studying! I told you tomorrow for sure”
“I’m sorry y/n. I just don’t want to get swamped! You can still do it tomorrow?”
“No now I have to do it,” you said groaning, “Because if I don’t then you’ll be done when I’m just starting.”
“We can go back and get your laptop if you want.”
“No it’s okay, our apartment is right down the street, I’ll be fine. If I’m not back in like 15 minutes it’s because I got lazy and decided to stay home.”
“Y/n,” Your friend said lowly and disapprovingly.
“You’re right, if I’m not back in 15 minutes it’s because something terrible happened to me, oh my!” You said faking a southern accent sounding like a damsel in distress.
“Y/n I’m serious.”
“And I’m kidding! I’ll be back in no time, don’t worry,” You said smiling at your friend.
You got up and exited the coffee shop, looking out at the sky. The sun was just starting to go down, making the sky look like one of Van Goghs palettes.
You suddenly felt your body collide with something hard. Hands tried to grab you but it was too late. Your butt had hit the ground as an immense pain spreaded through your backside.
“Fuck!” You cursed loudly as you rubbed your now sore butt.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” You heard what sounded like an Australian accent say to you. You looked up and nearly lost your breath.
In front of you was a boy about 6 feet tall with black hair and an eyebrow piercing. He was wearing black skinny jeans and an iron maiden tank top showing off the tattoos on his arms. You were a sucker for tattoos, and you were a sucker for punk boys who liked the same bands as you.
A big hand reached out to you and you placed your small hand in his. He then lifted you up like you weighed nothing.
“I’m so sorry,” He said, his Australian accent making each word sound sexier
“It’s okay,” You blushed. You mentally cursed yourself for crashing into and embarrassing yourself in front of a really hot guy.
“I’m Michael,” He said, holding his hand out.
“I’m y/n,” You replied, shaking his warm big hand.
“Well Y/n is there any way I can make it up to you? I did sort of crash into you, so how about I buy you a cup of coffee?”
“Oh actually, I’m just coming from there. I’m heading towards my apartment to grab my laptop.”
“Well then at least let me walk you to your apartment. You must need a big strong man to protect you from all the weirdos out there,” He said flexing his muscles.
“Oh why, thank you, kind sir” You laughed lightly and curtsied. You guys walked together to your apartment, making small talk along the way about some music. When you got to the entrance of the building, you went to dig around in your bag for your keys.
“Okay Michael, I’ll run up and grab my laptop. You wait here and I’ll be down in a second.”
“Okay,” He said taking out his phone to keep busy.
You walked over to the elevator and pressed the button, waiting for it to come down.
You felt a presence next to you, thinking it was Michael. You turned ready to make a smart remark but instead of the pale 6-foot boy you had just met, it was a tanned 6-foot boy who you’d never seen before. He glanced over and noticed you staring. He gave you a smile and you immediately turned away, hiding your red cheeks.
“You don’t have to be scared you know,” He said with what also sounded like an Australian accent.
“I’m sorry for asking but are you Australian?”
“What gave it away?” He said smiling and laughing at his own joke. He took his hand out of his hoodie pocket extending it towards you. “I’m Calum.”
“Y/n,” You replied back shaking his hand.
The ding of the elevator made you jump pulling your hand away from Calum’s.
You got in and pressed the 6 button and you moved away, allowing Calum press the button of his floor.
“Oh, I’m going there too,” He said smiling. You nodded your head, suddenly getting a bad vibe from him.
Right before the elevator doors closed, you made eye contact with Michael who just looked worried. He gave you a face as if he were asking you if you were okay. Before you could answer, the doors closed.
Your ride up was silent. You were uncomfortable because Calum was smiling at you every so often.
The doors opened and you hurried out. You turned the corner and dashed towards your apartment. With shaking hands, you put the key in the lock of the door. Before you could turn it, you felt yourself grabbed roughly by someone.
“Hey!” You managed to scream before a big hand was placed over your mouth
“Shut the fuck up,” An Australian voice whispered in your ear as you went stiff with shock.
It was Calum. His big hand muffled any chance of you escaping as tears streamed down your face.
“Stop struggling!” He yelled throwing you against the wall. You banged your head off of it, falling to the ground.
You felt a big hand grab your arm but before he could pull you up, you felt him unhand you as his face hit the ground with a painful thud.
You were shaking and crying burying your face into your arms.
“Are you okay?” You heard someone whisper. You peeked your head out from your arms as your eyes came in contact with Michael’s worried eyes. One loud sob came from your mouth and you lunged towards him, clinging to him as if he were your world.
“Shh, it’s okay. You’re alright now y/n, you’re safe now,” He was stroking your hair trying to get you to calm down. Just as you had calmed down panic started to set in
“Michael?” You called timidly.
“Yeah?” He said, not touching your hair anymore.
“How did you know what floor I would be on?” Before you could even think about running for your life, there was a tight grip on your arms as a cloth was placed over your mouth.
You tried desperately to reach out; to punch him, kick him, anything to get him off of you.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He yelled suddenly his loud voice scaring you. “The more you struggle the easier it is for me.”
You tried one last time to scream out before your eyelids became heavy.
Soon enough your limbs were to heavy to even think about moving. You stopped struggling as your chin hit your chest.
“You know you didn’t have to actually punch me,” You heard Calum say, rubbing his jaw.
“Sorry bro, had to make it realistic,” Michael replied.
Your eyes were now painfully heavy. You couldn’t keep them open any longer.
“Jesus Christ, why does it take you so long to fucking sleep? Just give in already!” And that’s exactly what you did as darkness consumed your vision, your eyelids fell shut on their own accord.
“Fucking finally,” You heard Calum say. The last thing you heard was Michael’s rough voice saying, “Get her in the truck.”