So yesterday my friend and I watched Loving Vincent (an incredible movie, by the way, and the reason I’m on this van Gogh obsession lately). After it ended, we turned to each other like

a) hi im crying at how beautiful that was, how about you? yup? same

and b)

we should make a van Gogh painting right now

So we impulsively grabbed all the paint in the house, rolled out a big sheet of paper, and just dove in. This was our reference:

She mixed colors for the sky, and I made a palette for the grass.

At first, we tried to match van Gogh’s style as closely as possible. This corner was decidedly a success.

She was a bit nervous to undertake the bold swirly tree in the middle, but I’d say it turned out great 👌👌

At some point, though, we realized other influences might have been creeping in. These flowers? Solidly Monet.

These? I don’t even know what style they are but they are my children and I love them

In total, this took us about 4 hours, give or take. We had to stop when it turned midnight, bc…… sleep.

It didn’t end up looking exactly like van Gogh’s original (or even very much like it, for that matter), but as he himself said, “what is done in love is well done,” and we certainly made this with love and enjoyed the process immensely.

And, if I may say so myself, it’s not bad for a first time.

what ur fave painter says about you:

Van Gogh: art hoe, unappreciated, depressed and lonely

Picasso: mhmm. you’re pretty weird and inventive 

Leanardo Da Vinci: gay genius, ultimate prankster

Matisse: you love anything cultural and appreciate the value and beauty of almost everything

Edvard Munch: you are depressed, nihilistic and very lonely 

Salvador Dali: what is wrong with you? seriously what are you ever talking about

Monet: you have an eye for beauty and wish you could live in a field of flowers

Renoir: you love the women, the children, the bread

Andy Warhol: hello you are pretentious and gay

Rembrant: you are serious, detailed, and classical. 

Keith Haring: you’ve got a hard on for the 80s and you are into activism 

Bouguereau: dude we get it you love the female body and you love mythology

Edward Hopper: america? america. also you are realistic, serious, observant and hard working

Klimt: you are goddamn beautiful and you love goddamn beautiful things

Egon Schiele: you are obsessed with the human body and need to get laid

Magritte: you are an existentialist and want to have tea in the clouds 

Frida Kahlo: fuck imperialism and fuck america and fuck white people. also you’re the coolest motherfucker around