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,, so i spent maybe 3 weeks on this Wesper animatic of their first kiss and i’ve looked at it SO MUCH i kinda (ahem REALLY) hate it now but it’ll be your first time seeing it so,, enjoy? maybe? idk if the SoC fanbase ever got animatics but?? first one probably?

enjoy, my dudes! tell me what you thought about it in the tags or something <333

Hey guys so as you probably noticed, I was pretty absent from this blog for a long time. I was in a pretty unhealthy relationship for a year and it put me in a really bad mental state for the time I was with that person. I detached from my friends and family and a lot of my interests. I ended the relationship about 4 months ago and I have felt my energy shift in such a positive way since then.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for everybody here. Even though I detached for a long time, I still love all of you and I appreciate your existence so so much. And I mean that about everyone, even the people who are not on this list. I love all of my followers you guys are awesome and I hope you all live the best lives you can possibly lead.

I’m not gonna bold anybody or do a special people section cus I don’t want anybody to feel as though they are less than anybody else. This is not in alphabetical order because Tumblr doesn’t sort the followers list like that and that’s just too much work.

Also quick shoutout to my irl friends. You guys are the bomb and you know who you are

[Also a lot of people have changed url’s so I apologize if you are not on here. It’s most likely because I did not recognize your name]

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Again, I apologize if I forgot anybody!!



Goodness gracious, it’s that time of the year again when I do my “get out of the house” thing big style by visiting New York for the magnificent Comicon they have at the Javitz centre. Of course, this means that I’ve been drawing all night to get as much done before I take 4 days out to recharge the karmic batteries, taste some American cuisine, and mingle with humans.

Sadly I can’t show any of this yet (oboy oboy tho, I’m super stoked about what I’m doodling) so instead of that, I will display 3 blue pictures.

1. Annihilator issue 1 2nd printing. A slight tweaking of the hues to turn sweltering summer desert heat into magical Van Gogh-tastic desert twighlight. Be sure to hunt this one down, completists.

2. Annihilator issue 3 cover. Ghosts!!! Or spooky smoke. YOU DECIDE until next month when u can actually read it. WARNING: LOTS OF BLUE.

3, Annihilator issue 4 cover. My fave of the issues so far, this may or may not be FULL OF STARS. You will have the luxury of discovering which way it falls in december when this issue sees print.

The final 2 covers can wait until we are closer to the time, plus they haven’t been solicited yet so I’m not allowed to show them.

I gotta pack. Be good, reblog, rejoice.



Okay so I’ve done like a million of these things but it’s just because I love you guys so much and I want you to have all the followers in the world 


I recently hit 800+ followers so my way of celebrating is by throwing uncomfortable amounts of love at you ♥

You guys are seriously phenomenal people and you make my life so much better. A few of you guys have helped me through some hard times and are always there for me and for that, I am so fracking grateful so thank.

Okay here we go

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