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I’ve stumbled upon this video of Aachen’s combined show jumping/driving class and it is the greatest thing ever

Specifically it’s supposed to be a top 5 of the best from-horse-to-carriage sprints, but really it’s just an excuse to watch pro show jumpers smash their face into the ground

  • #5 Marcell Marschall :
  • a risky take on the ‘let’s hang on to one stirrup until the last possible second’ technique
  • almost crashes onto the floor, but overall a good form
  • only a slight loss of balance before a good run to the carriage
  • #4 Pius Schwizer :
  • a dramatic fail of Swiss efficiency
  • a miscalculation of how far should he stick his leg up
  • a nice crash-and-roll-over toward his awaiting carriage
  • points for his running technique
  • #3 Marlon Modolo Zanotelli :
  • a smol energized bunny rabbit
  • there’s a hand-to-the-floor situation going on
  • and a dramatic crop-throwing mishap
  • but he made it pretty well all things considered
  • #2 Constant van Paesschen :
  • the pinnacle of fail
  • despite a good potential it’s a nice massive crash onto German soil
  • but a speedy recovery nonetheless
  • run little Belgian boy
  • #1 Christian Kukuk :
  • smooth
  • flawless
  • he’s grace, he’s beauty
  • he’s what all the other guys thought they were going to achieve
  • look at him go

    Try to see what I see. We are so lucky we are still alive to see this beautiful world.

                              I’ve seen many things, my friend. But you’re right.
                       Nothing q u i t e  a s  w o n d e r f u l as the things you see.

when you log on to relax and are immediately flooded with negativity

So I finished Evangelion and End of Evangelion today. What a wild ride. Easiest 10/10 I’ve given anything. There are about a million and a half things you could write about for Eva and still never really get close to touching everything. The show blew away all expectations I had, and defied assumptions of what anime could be or how stories were told. The series as a whole stands out as a masterpiece that has strong, well executed social commentary, compelling themes of self acceptance and what happiness is, gorgeous animation, the audacity and bravery to do something completely different and show that anime can be more than what it was at the time, and one hell of a wild ride.

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One month since the best night of my life 💔😭

Waiting 10+ hours in line to be front row and right in front of Van was a dream come true- especially after meeting them the day before, kickstarted 2017 in the best way. I had the time of my life and made so many great friendships. I love this band with all my heart and to see them perform with all their passion and love for music and us fans, if was simply incredible. I’ll never ever forget it. 💕🐊

Six of Crows lock screens

Kaz: he wasn’t going to customize it much, because y’know, keep em guessing, but he wanted to get rid of the default screen, so he went to see if any of the pre-loaded options were a darker color. then he saw that one of them was a black bird’s wing and he was like “oh shit. that’s my #aesthetic” and it’s pretty much been that ever since

Inej: a group selfie of her, Nina, and Jesper doing Blue Steel-esque faces. in the corner of the photo is a fuzzy black blur that is Kaz, completely ignoring Jesper’s “Kaz!! selfie! look up!!” (it’s prior to Wylan and Matthias’s addition to the group but she loves that photo so much, it would be a bummer to change it.)

Nina: she changes it all the time. some favorites include: her and Inej wearing sunglasses and too-cool-for-you expressions; an unflattering photo of Matthias caught off guard; a cup of hot chocolate being held by hands engulfed in the cuffs of a bulky sweater; a flowery background with “i do what i want” in a digital speech bubble on top.

Matthias: it used to be that his lock screen and home screen were both a snowy mountain landscape view; Nina bugged him about being boring, and after a while he changed it so the lock screen was a sweet picture of her smiling (he did not show her for like a week)

Wylan: a picture of him making an exaggerated surprised/happy face when Jesper kisses his cheek. Inej sees it first and actually groans out loud because it’s so cute; the noise catches Jesper’s attention so he looks over at it and says “oh my god you’re so fucking gay.” 

Jesper: it used to be like a really good selfie of himself. like, the kind of selfie that is flattering and also shows of your personality, the kind you post to three different social media apps and reblog if it doesn’t get enough notes. (“oh my god, your lock screen is yourself?” inej scoffs.  “that’s so vain.”/“but look how good this selfie is.”/“damn. you’re right.”) but then one day he takes a photo of Wylan doing something that captures his full attention (flute? equation? something sciencey? idk), and he looks at it and is like “goddamnit, this is such a great photo.” he puts a bunch of heart eyes/heart/gay couple emojis on top and sets that as his lock screen instead.

Maison Margiela by John Galliano, Défilé Fall 2017 Show. Model Ansolet Rossouw, photographed by Laurent Van der Stockt for story “Backstage Portfolio: The Faces of Maison Margiela” in the New York Times.