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Someone recently asked me to compare two Van Gogh pieces - I’ll start a tag for this because I like the idea - here’s the first set: 

Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette, 1886. 
Self-Portrait with Pipe, 1886. 

These two pieces are from what I consider to be Van Gogh’s “first awakening” period. In 1885-1886 he finally released himself from the drab green-grey-brown Dutch palette, and started to branch-out more in to Impressionistic and even what we could consider (at least here) to be Gothic influence. 

This period symbolizes his beginning steps toward becoming the most masterful colorist of all-time, the father of expressionism, and a pioneer for bringing sacrifice, individuality and emotion in to his work. 

Both of these are in fact Self-Portraits, although the first is more of an allusion or a joke of sorts - with this juxtaposition it’s easy to see that Vincent used himself as a model. The smoking in each piece likely serves a dual, and balanced purpose, first, it represents the creative fire within (life), and at the same time, it represents a certain understanding of, and resolve with death. 


Ege Islekel appropriates sculptures and paintings from art history to make her graphic works. Both referential and completely contemporary, they delight in the collision of popular culture and fine art. As a visual joke, Islekel superimposes van Gogh’s visage over famous album covers. Her #TFWGucci memes play with Neo-Classicist paintings, brought to life by captions from Sebastian Tribbie Matheson and Derek Lucas that namecheck art history as well as 21st century romance. - Text by Helen Holmes.


Sherlock is still up when John emerges from his room. A couple of times he grabbed half an hour of rest, but has mostly been working. John squints at him with bleary eyes, undecided between being grudgingly impressed and disturbed by his ability to stay awake and be productive.

J: Morning. I’m not even going to ask, if you got any shut-eye last night.

He grumbles as he shuffles towards the coffee machine. Sherlock glances over, takes in his rumpled appearance and swiftly turns back to his evidence wall.

S: Doesn’t seem to have done you any good.

J: Ha-ha. Very funny.

S: I try.

Their dry bickering makes room for a comfortable silence, while John prepares himself a cup of the hot beverage. When it’s done, he cradles it in his hands and walks over to Sherlock to have a look at the numerous print-outs on the mirror.

J: Made any progress?

S: Not much. I’ve been looking into Van Coon’s prior deals and associates, but it seems to be a dead end so far.

J: Good thing I grabbed that advance cheque, then. Otherwise all of this would have been for nothing.

S: It’s not for nothing, John. Once we have collected all of the evidence a pattern will emerge. It always does.

J: Still. No need to work pro bono, when your client is as delightful as Sebastian Wilkes.

John’s tone is as bitter as the hot drink in his hands. At his sour expression, Sherlock lets out a chuckle.

S: You don’t like him, then?

J: He called you a freak and treated the murder of one of his employees like a minor inconvenience. Of course I don’t like him.

Sherlock swallows. I can see his Adam’s apple bob as he peers hard at John, who is simply standing there, sipping from his mug, as if he hadn’t just proclaimed his utter dislike for the slur many have chosen to assign to Sherlock. It’s become a hated sort of nickname, that seems to follow him wherever he goes.

When John becomes aware of the silence to his right, he lifts his head, but Sherlock quickly averts his gaze back to the research in front of them.

It’s women crush Wednesday crush and today I’ll be sharing pictures and stories about women living the vanlife. @agirlandhervan has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Recently she to living same to the next level when she opted to spend a month living in a truck camper instead of her van. Could you go even smaller than and van? Oh, and guys you’ve gotta check out the other pics of this truck so you can see the cooking plateform/bench in use. #VanCrush