van looy

I’m realizing now that you really never deserved me, so why did I want you so badly. Oh man, did I want you with every fiber of my being, ever inch of my skin longed to touch you, every brain cell wanted you around me all the fucking time, but you didn’t really deserve any of it. You still don’t, and you never did.
—  Alysia Van Looy

My review of The Loft

A suspenseful who dun-it film.  The performances by Karl Urban, James Marsden, and Wentworth Miller were brilliant.  From a female perspective it was interesting look into male bonding and friendship. But what really made this film awesome was how they kept the story going. You are constantly trying to guess who dun-it, but at the same time your finding out how important these guys are to each other. The film was well balanced between sexy, sensual, and story telling. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend it to the appropriate audiences.

Will the good boy ever appear in my poetry?
The one who did everything right
The one who told me I was smart and funny and beautiful and actually meant it,
The one who asked me if he could kiss me before he did it,
The one that didn’t lie,
The one who told me that night was all about me,
and stroked my hair as I cried about all the other ones.
He never tried to touch me anywhere but the top of my head that night. 
Usually they have to break me to appear in my poems,
but maybe I’ll make a special exception,
and this time I’ll write about the one that I broke.
—  Alysia Van Looy 

maidofmoulinsart  asked:

Hi, Anéa! Do you happen to have anymore information on Phantom Belgium?

Sure? What do you want to know?

It opened in October 1999 and closed in June 2000, at the Statsschowbourg. The cast featured several familiar Phantom faces and long-timers, including Hans Peter Janssens (Phantom), Michael Shawn Lewis (Raoul), Ernst van Looy (Firmin) and William Lynn Dixon (Piangi), and also understudies Janine Kitzen (Christine), Rita Saxmark (Carlotta) and Rob Pitcher (Raoul/Piangi).

They performed in Flemish, which is the Dutch language of Belgium (officially called Vlaams-Nederlands, or just Vlaams). (the other major language of Belgium is French, spoken in the southern half of the country)

Several of the cast members auditioned for the Danish production, opening a few months after the Belgian one, but I think only Helen Geets and Rita Saxmark made the cut. Geets became u/s Christine and original Mirror Bride in Copenhagen, while Saxmark was cast as principal Carlotta, along with Eva Hess Thaysen.

An Lauwereins, the principal Carlotta in Antwerp, would go on being principal Carlotta in West End in 2001.

Fun fact: Rob Pitcher only went on as Piangi ONCE in Antwerp. He was young and slender, and considered more Raoul material. The time he went on as Piangi he had to wear TWO fat suits.

Some photos can be seen here and here, while full cast list can be seen here.

If you have any specific questions, I’ll do my best to answer them :)