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I’m realizing now that you really never deserved me, so why did I want you so badly. Oh man, did I want you with every fiber of my being, ever inch of my skin longed to touch you, every brain cell wanted you around me all the fucking time, but you didn’t really deserve any of it. You still don’t, and you never did.
—  Alysia Van Looy

Atlas 04 by Uilke

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<br />Wonderfull dutch-serie I coudn't resist to put one amongst these American and English paperback covers. Cover Artist Rein van Looij. This is the translation of The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie. Hope you like this cover.

My review of The Loft

A suspenseful who dun-it film.  The performances by Karl Urban, James Marsden, and Wentworth Miller were brilliant.  From a female perspective it was interesting look into male bonding and friendship. But what really made this film awesome was how they kept the story going. You are constantly trying to guess who dun-it, but at the same time your finding out how important these guys are to each other. The film was well balanced between sexy, sensual, and story telling. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend it to the appropriate audiences.

Hendrik Jacobus Scholten - Self portrait, 1904

Hendrik Jacobus Scholten (1824 in Amsterdam – 1907 in Heemstede), was a 19th-century painter from the Netherlands.

According to the RKD he was a pupil of Petrus Franciscus Greive and Lambertus Johannes Hansen. In 1852 he became a member of the Royal Academy of Art in Amsterdam, and was a member of the Amsterdam art societies Arti et Amicitiae, Kunstbevorderend Genootschap V.W., and Vereeniging Sint Lucas. He was also a member of art societies in other towns, such as the Pulchri studio in the Hague, the Schilder- en teekengenootschap Kunstliefde in Utrecht, and Kunst zij ons doel in Haarlem. He became art conservator of the Teylers Stichting in 1872, which manages the art collection of the Teylers Museum. In that capacity he wrote a catalog of the museum’s collection, that was published in 1904.
He painted several paintings that hang in the museum’s galleries, as well as decorations in the Teyler’s fundatiehuis, where he lived and worked from 1863 until his death.

He is known for various drawings, illustrations and paintings, including landscapes, flower and pastoral scenes, and was a follower of Pieter de Hooch in his interior scenes. He contributed illustrations for the Dutch history book “De voornaamste geschiedenissen van Noord-Nederland” by Jacob van Lennep. Works by him hang in the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Museum. He became the teacher of Jacobus van Looy.

Will the good boy ever appear in my poetry?
The one who did everything right
The one who told me I was smart and funny and beautiful and actually meant it,
The one who asked me if he could kiss me before he did it,
The one that didn’t lie,
The one who told me that night was all about me,
and stroked my hair as I cried about all the other ones.
He never tried to touch me anywhere but the top of my head that night. 
Usually they have to break me to appear in my poems,
but maybe I’ll make a special exception,
and this time I’ll write about the one that I broke.
—  Alysia Van Looy
The Phantom of the Opera -  Live recordings - YouTube
1988-2015 Videos

Alright, so you know all of those Phantom videos I posted?

Well, to make things easier I have collected all of the ones that have been uploaded and put them in this playlist for all to enjoy! 25 videos compiling 31 videos total of the show :)

Features videos of performances from all around the world, London, Holland, Japan, Broadway, Hamburg; and such legendary Phantoms like:

Earl Carpenter, Ethan Freeman, Hugh Panaro, Brad Little, and more!

Hope you guys enjoy ;)

Information on included videos below:

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The Third part

The 18th till 20th century

18th century

  • Jacob Appel
  • Jan Frans van Bloemen
  • Norbert van Bloemen
  • Arnold van Boonen
  • Adriaan van der Burg
  • Jacobus Buys
  • Jan Ekels
  • Johan van Gool
  • Wybrand Hendriks
  • Jan van Huysum
  • Adriaan de Lelie
  • Cornelia van der Mijn
  • Frans van der Mijn
  • George van der Mijn
  • Herman van der Mijn
  • Jan van Os
  • Isaak Ouwater
  • Cornelis Ploos van Amstel
  • Hendrik Pothoven
  • Aart Schouman
  • Augustinus Terwesten
  • Mattheus Terwesten
  • Cornelis Troost
  • Reinier Vinkeles
  • Laurens Vincentsz van der Vinne
  • Nicolaas Verkolje
  • Jacob Campo Weyerman

19th century


  • Albijn Van Den Abeele
  • Edouard Agneessens
  • Charles-Louis Baugniet
  • Jan van Beers
  • Anna Boch
  • Eugène Boch
  • Mattheus Ignatius van Bree
  • Henri de Braekeleer
  • Frantz Charlet
  • César De Cock
  • Jean Delvin
  • James Ensor
  • Alfred William Finch
  • Lucien Frank
  • Léon Frédéric
  • Louis Gallait
  • Jacob Jacobs
  • Gustave Léonard De Jonghe
  • Eugène Joors
  • Nicaise de Keyser
  • Fernand Khnopff
  • Frans van Kuyck
  • Jef Leempoels
  • Georges Lemmen
  • Henri Leys
  • Xavier Mellery
  • Constantin Meunier
  • François-Joseph Navez
  • Jean-François Portaels
  • Félicien Rops
  • Theo van Rysselberghe
  • Joseph Stallaert
  • Alfred Stevens
  • Isidore Verheyden
  • Charles Verlat
  • Theodoor Verstraete
  • Guillaume Vogels
  • Gustaf Wappers
  • Emile Wauters


  • Jean-Baptiste Fresez


  • August Allebé
  • Lawrence Alma-Tadema
  • Louis Apol
  • Carel Johannes Behr
  • Betzy Rezora Berg
  • Gerard Bilders
  • Christoffel Bisschop
  • Kate Bisschop-Swift
  • Théophile de Bock
  • Jan Willem van Borselen
  • Johannes Bosboom
  • George Hendrik Breitner
  • Jean Augustin Daiwaille
  • Gijsbertus Derksen
  • Willem de Famars Testas
  • Paul Gabriël
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Johannes Hubertus Leonardus de Haas
  • Mauritz de Haas
  • Hendrik Haverman
  • Bernard de Hoog
  • Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove
  • Hubertus van Hove
  • Theodore van Hoytema
  • Johannes Frederik Hulk
  • Isaac Israëls
  • Jozef Israëls
  • Johan Barthold Jongkind
  • Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer
  • Kasparus Karsen
  • Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek
  • Barend Cornelis Koekkoek
  • Johannes Koekkoek
  • Barend Hendrik Koekkoek
  • Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek
  • Hermanus Koekkoek the elder
  • Hermanus Koekkoek the Younger
  • Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek
  • Willem Koekkoek
  • Hendrik Pieter Koekkoek
  • Everhardus Koster
  • Cornelis Kruseman
  • Jan Adam Kruseman
  • Jacob Maris
  • Matthijs Maris
  • Willem Maris
  • Anton Mauve
  • Hendrik Willem Mesdag
  • Sina van Mesdag-van Houten
  • Albert Neuhuys
  • Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig
  • Wijnand Nuijen
  • Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os
  • Nicolaas Pieneman
  • Evert Pieters
  • Johannes Reekers
  • Hendrik Reekers
  • Willem Roelofs
  • Margaretha Roosenboom
  • Hendrik van de Sande Bakhuyzen
  • Gerardina Jacoba van de Sande Bakhuyzen
  • Julius van de Sande Bakhuyzen
  • Andreas Schelfhout
  • Hendrik Jacobus Scholten
  • Johannes Christiaan Schotel
  • Petronella Christina Schotel
  • Petrus Johannes Schotel
  • Martinus Schouman
  • Johann Georg Schwartze
  • Thérèse Schwartze
  • Cornelis Springer
  • Willem Bastiaan Tholen
  • Floris Verster
  • Jan Veth
  • Johannes Gijsbert Vogel
  • Johan Hendrik Weissenbruch
  • Willem Witsen
  • Willem de Zwart

20th century


  • Pierre Alechinsky
  • Albert Baertsoen
  • Alfred Bastien
  • Frits van den Berghe
  • Anne Bonnet
  • Andrée Bosquet
  • Jean Brusselmans
  • Jules De Bruycker
  • Evarist De Buck
  • Louis Buisseret
  • Anto Carte
  • Albert Ciamberlani
  • Emile Claus
  • Andre Cluysenaar
  • Jan Cockx
  • Philibert Cockx
  • Omer Coppens
  • William Degouve de Nuncques
  • Paul Delvaux
  • Jean Delville
  • Frans Depooter
  • Christian Dotremont
  • Maurice Van Essche
  • Emile Fabry
  • Edgard Farasyn
  • Lucien Frank
  • Henry de Groux
  • Modest Huys
  • Raoul Hynckes
  • Floris Jespers
  • Eugène Laermans
  • Louis Van Lint
  • Amédée Lynen
  • René Magritte
  • Frans Masereel
  • Eugeen van Mieghem
  • Joris Minne
  • Constant Montald
  • Jenny Montigny
  • Joseph Noiret
  • Auguste Oleffe
  • Pierre Paulus
  • Constant Permeke
  • Jozef Peeters
  • Herman Richir
  • Valerius De Saedeleer
  • Albert Saverys
  • Willy Schlobach
  • Jules Schmalzigaug
  • Albert Servaes
  • Michel Seuphor
  • Rik Slabbinck
  • Gustave De Smet
  • Léon De Smet
  • Léon Spilliaert
  • Guillaume van Strydonck
  • Louis Thevenet
  • Fernand Toussaint
  • Prosper De Troyer
  • Henry van de Velde
  • Taf Wallet
  • Gustave van de Woestyne
  • Rik Wouters
  • Maurice Wyckaert
  • Rodolphe Wytsman


  • Nico Klopp
  • Joseph Kutter
  • Dominique Lang
  • Harry Rabinger
  • Frantz Seimetz
  • Sosthène Weis


  • Jan Altink
  • Lizzy Ansingh
  • Karel Appel
  • Marius Bauer
  • Else Berg
  • Rudolf Bonnet
  • Eugene Brands
  • Henk Chabot
  • Corneille
  • Johan Dijkstra
  • Theo van Doesburg
  • Kees Van Dongen
  • Ton Dubbeldam
  • Ger Gerrits 
  • Leo Gestel
  • Jacoba van Heemskerck
  • Johan van Hell
  • Willem Hofhuizen
  • Raoul Hynckes
  • Harm Kamerlingh Onnes
  • Eduard Karsen
  • Dick Ket
  • Pyke Koch
  • Stephen Robert Koekkoek
  • Hermanus Willem Koekkoek
  • Jan van der Kooi
  • Willem de Kooning
  • Jan Korthals
  • Theo Kurpershoek
  • Bart van der Leck
  • Jacobus van Looy
  • Adriaan Lubbers
  • Marie Henri Mackenzie
  • Kees Maks
  • Jan Mankes
  • Sal Meijer
  • Theo Molkenboer
  • Piet Mondrian
  • Constant Nieuwenhuys
  • Jan Nieuwenhuys
  • Matthijs Röling
  • Anthonie Pieter Schotel
  • Jan Sluijters
  • Dirk Smorenberg
  • Wim Schumacher
  • Mommie Schwarz
  • Charley Toorop
  • Jan Toorop
  • Willem Vaarzon Morel
  • Bram Van Velde
  • Theo Voorzaat
  • Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman
  • Jan Wiegers
  • Carel Willink

This is a list in progress…

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