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I can’t change who I am, not this time
I won’t lie to keep you near me
And in this short life there’s no time to waste on giving up
My love wasn’t enough 

The last dance

( EDIT: sth was missing on Hanzo’s face :P sorry )

#137 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “a fic based on Glasgow? Like how they meet and all of the sudden there falling in drunk in love? You may have something similar but I’m thinking like she wraps him around her fingers and the boys all talk about how he’s whipped and like when she can’t be with him, he’s just wants her to himself”

You’d met Van at your favourite bar and it was cliché as all fuck. He arrived late, and everyone in your newly combined social group was already drunk. He walked to the bar and perched on a stool. Jess, the bartender, walked to him and took his order. You watched as he hesitated, not getting up. He stayed on the stool and started to sip the beer.

“Maybe… instead of looking, staring at his back, you could just go talk to him?” you friend whispered in your ear. She was right; you were staring and chewing your lip and being super fucking weird. Nodding, you stood up and walked over and took the stool next to his.

“Hey, Y/N. The usual?” Jess asked.

“Um. I think maybe we need a couple shots, to catch this one up,” you said. She smirked and nodded. Van looked over at you. “No fun being the only sober one," 

"You ain’t that drunk,” he replied smiling and looking you up and down.

“I am… holding myself together.” He laughed, his pointy teeth on display. Jess lined up two shots each, and put a cider next to you too. You clinked your teeny tiny glass against Van’s, and downed it. He scrunched his face up and it was so human and beautiful. The second shot went down easier.

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  I love to draw Reinhart, and his Coldhart skin is challenging to draw. But then I came up with the idea { also for my “Giant” concept practice for my drawing class } : is Halloween, why not make him like a Giant ghost knight ? [aw man please don’t nag me about this matter, is big too no ? ] And the battle between the creature hunter McHelsing and HanzOni ( Demon Hanzo) :DDD. YES !! NAIL THAT IDEA AND DONE THIS CONCEPT !! 

Lo Que Siento Por Ti || Playlist For People In Love (in spanish)

La vida rosa- Angela Torres / Hoy-  David Bisbal / Me Gustas Tanto- Paulina Rubio / Stand by Me- Prince Royce / Me Enamora- Juanes / Bailando- Enrique Iglesias / Andas En Mi Cabeza- Chino & Nacho / Lo Que Siento por Ti- Miranda! / No Me Doy Por Vencido- Luis Fonsi / Te Voy A Amar- Axel / Quien te quiere como yo-  Carlos Baute / Geografía- La Oreja de Van Gogh / Mi Tesoro- Jesse & Joy / De Aqui a la Luna- Sofia Reyes / When You Love Somebody- Abraham Mateo / Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tú- Ricky Martin / Amor Narcótico- ChiChi Peralta / Besándote- Los Autenticos Decadentes / Niña Bonita- Chino & Nacho /

 Bonus track: Love Is The Name- Sofia Carson ft J Balvin